6 Secret Bars & 'Speakeasies' in Paris, France

Paris is full of Prohibition-style speakeasy bars which generally serve expensive, but cool cocktails.

For those of you that don't know, the Prohibition was when the USA banned all alcohol between 1920 and 1933. Naturally, 'speakeasies' (secret bars) popped up all around the country and although the Prohibition is long gone and alcohol was never banned in France, Parisians continue to enjoy the concept of the secret bar.

Here are 6 of Paris' secret bars, from secret hotels to Indian train themed establishments, including tips on how to get inside them.

Bar à Naan

Hidden behind a door in a vegan Indian street food restaurant, this speakeasy is themed like an Indian train and the cocktails do not disappoint. There are screens on the walls which are supposed to be windows, showing you scenes from the Indian countryside, luggage racks on the walls where you can leave your jackets and the menu looks like a passport - even the waiters are in traditional Indian dress.

They serve some tapas style Indian food inside the bar, however it is quite expensive so if you are looking for a bite to eat I would highly recommend the food in the restaurant - it is under 10 euros for a main and you can choose 4 of their dishes (think curries, grilled vegetables, dahls etc.)

7, rue du Fabourg Saint Martin, 75010 Paris


When you walk past this laundromat during the day that's exactly what it is used for; laundry. However at night  a queue starts to form and as you walk into the laundromat you pull open one of the washing machines to reveal a secret door. Walk up the little staircase and find yourself in one of the cosiest secret bars in Paris.

30, rue René Boulanger, 75010 Paris

Hotel Particulier Montmartre: Bar Le Très Particulier

Perhaps not a traditional 'secret bar', this establishment is a whole secret hotel with both a bar and a restaurant which is probably one of my favourite places in Paris. Walk up to the gates and press the intercom, stating that you're there for the bar. Walk down the little passageway and on your left you should see a beautiful private courtyard adorned with greenery, but make sure to spot a view of the Eiffel Tower before you go in. Then proceed to spend hours in the serene garden, drinking copious amounts of wine.

23, avenue Junot, 75018 Paris


This Mexican speakeasy specialises in drinks made with mezcal (hence the name), a spirit made from the agave plant home to Mexico, just like Tequila. The bar is hidden behind the kitchen of a Peruvian restaurant in Hotel 1K so walk past the reptile... yes, a live reptile... in the hotel lobby and ask to visit the bar.

Once you have sneaked your way inside you will find a dimly lit room with a glass ceiling, little lights arranged in the shape of a cross and many calavera style skeletons. Drinks are strong, pricey and often spicy. Accompany your drink with some of their homemade guacamole and nachos - delicious.

13, boulevard du Temple, 75003 Paris


Candelaria is another Mexican speakeasy bar, this time hidden behind an eight-seater Mexican street food joint specialising in tacos. Enjoy one of their frozen margaritas or be pointed in the direction of what looks like a broom cupboard and enter the secret cocktail bar which has the most perfect romantic lighting.

Cocktails are definitely Mexican themed and they have a beautiful menu, however they aren't centred around mezcal which is great if you're not the biggest fan of it (me) and there is less Mexican décor. The staff are very, very friendly - after numerous bad cocktail choices at other bars I explained what I liked to them and had one of the most delicious cocktails of all my time in Paris.

52, rue de Saintonge, 75003 Paris

The Little Red Door

As the name may suggest, find this speakeasy behind a little red door on rue Charlot in the 'bobo' Marais district. This dimly lit and classy place full of large, plush sofas is probably how one of the more traditional speakeasies looked at the time.

As you enter you get handed an interesting looking menu, the pages filled with drawings and no words to be seen. The bar asked a few artists to try their drinks and draw whatever they felt represented them. The bar then took these drawings and created a menu... without words. In theory, you're supposed to have a look at the pictures and pick a drink based on its drawing, however there are cheeky hidden compartments in the menu which list all of the ingredients and the price if you have any allergies or are picky about your drinks.

60, rue Charlot, 75003 Paris