Dinner at Sushi Atelier, London

Located in the heart of Fitzrovia, Sushi Atelier serves modern sushi created by their skilled sushi chefs. Their menu is far from standard, showcasing its creativity with dishes such as their everchanging chef's selection of nigiri and sashimi.

What we ordered
  • Edamame with yuzu salt
  • Salmon sashimi 
  • Tuna set (8 spicy tuna rolls & 5 tuna nigiri)
  • Omakase sushi 9 pieces (selected sushi chosen by the chef)
  • Mango, vanilla and green tea mochi

Our thoughts 

We stumbled upon Sushi Atelier when looking for a dinner spot one rainy evening in London and, althought we didn't have a reservation, they (thankfully) managed to squeeze us in at their sushi bar. We sat there, watching the chefs creating all different kinds of dishes which gave us some inspiration on what to order.

They first brought out complimentary wakame (seaweed salad) to start which was basically a small dish of vibrant green angel-hair threads of seaweed in a light sesame dressing.

Our edamame, which had just the right amount of yuzu salt, our salmon sashimi and tuna set (pictured above) then followed. The salmon sashimi and tuna set were incredibly fresh and well presented - the salmon even came with edible flowers.

We then decided to go for something a bit more adventurous and ordered the chef's 9 piece nigiri selection. We had seen it being prepared countless times while we were sat there, so it must definitely be one of the most popular dishes on the menu. 

With multipe different types of fish and their own designated toppings (think orange zest and an array of other flavours), the plate had so much attention to detail. It was incredibly well presented and featured not just the standard fish that you would find at a sushi bar. If you're feeling adventurous, we would definitely recommend the chef's selection!

To finish, we decided to try a typically Japanese dessert made from rice paste and filled with ice cream named mochi. We chose vanilla, mango and green tea, one of each flavour available and our favourite was definitely the mango. The vanilla was good too, but the green tea had was very strong in flavour so would only be recommended for those that absolutely love green tea. 

If you love sushi and are looking for something a little bit different, definitely check out Sushi Atelier and ask for a seat at the bar - it's super cool to watch the sushi chefs creating everything with such precision. Bookings are definitely recommended, we just got lucky without one.