Vegan Thai Food at The Giggling Squid, Bath

When the Giggling Squid, a Thai restaurant, opened in Bath earlier this year we were invited to try out their menu. It's on Saw Close, where the Mexican restaurant Chimichanga used to be - you may have seen the beautiful orchids through the windows as you walk past.

I went with one of my friends who is vegan, so we decided to test out their plant-based menu. For a non-vegan restaurant, they had many different options to choose from!

What we ordered

  • Spring rolls filled with shredded mixed veggies and served with a sweet chilli sauce
  • Corn fritters (a fried concoction of sweetcorn, red curry paste and lime leaves)
  • Papaya Salad (fresh, shredded papaya mixed with a spicy, zingy dressing)
  • Thai green curry with veggies and tofu
  • Thai red curry with veggies and tofu 
  • Flora "flowering" tea (handmade lotus flower and jasmine green tea) 

Our thoughts 

First of all, we have to compliment the restaurant's absolutely beautiful interiors. Everything is decorated with flowers - the wallpaper is beautiful and the oriental flowers dotted around the light, airy restaurant add to the dining experience.

Onto the food - all of the food that we ordered was actually incredible. Even though we ordered a couple of different dishes, everything was perfectly spiced and flavourful. If you think that vegan or vegetarian food has no flavour then you have to come here - watch out for the papaya salad though because it's very spicy 🚨🌶. We loved it but it might be too hot for some.

The curries were absolutely amazing too. For someone who isn't that big on tofu, it's impressive that I liked them so much and I've been trying to recreate their Thai green curry at home ever since... although I can't say it comes anywhere close to the real thing.

To finish the meal off we ordered the flowering tea which, when ready, has a bloomed lotus flower - how beautiful!

The Giggling Squid doesn't just have vegan food either - they've got something for everyone. Seafood, fish, duck, beef, pork, vegetables, noodle dishes... the list is endless! Anyone will find something that they like here and they have special gluten-free and vegan menus for convenience.

We would highly recommend The Giggling Squid to anyone who likes Thai food, and it's definitely our favourite Thai restaurant in Bath.

Disclaimer: Bath Eats was invited to a complimentary meal at The Giggling Squid in return for an honest review to be posted on our social media channels. All thoughts and opinions expressed herein are my own and not influenced by the company, and/or its affiliates in any way. This review was originally posted on our instagram page in March 2018 and has been adapted for the site.