The Best Pizza in The World at Pizzeria Da Michele in Naples, Italy

If you're an avid pizza lover or you've watched the film Eat, Pray, Love then you've probably heard about Pizzeria Da Michele, known for having "the best pizza in the world".

Naples is famous for being the birthplace of pizza. Although we're not sure if that's true or not, the pizza we had while we were visiting the beautiful but chaotic city was the best we've ever had - and we've had a lot of pizza 🍕

Piper-Heidsieck Champagne Dinner at The Mint Room, Bath

The Mint Room, the award-winning Indian restaurant on Lower Bristol Road, recently invited us to a Piper-Heidseick champagne tasting dinner for a special five-course tasting menu with champagne pairings - dreamy right?

Lunch at Nourish Plantbased Eating, Bath

Last year the popular restaurant The Beaufort on London Road rebranded itself by serving a 100% plant-based cuisine  🌱

The food at Nourish is international with influences from all over the World and they locally source all seasonal vegetables, striving to support local suppliers and businesses.

Cascara's Reopening Party, Bath

The amazing Cascara has reopened today!

The cafe has been bought by a wonderful new owner, Sus, and is now a plant-based cafe. Here are a couple of snaps from the opening party last week.

The Best Places for Gelato in Florence, Italy

Florence, one of Italy's most beautiful and most-visited cities, is full of little ice cream shops. After living there for half a year, here are some of my favourites🍦.

If you need any excuses to try gelato, it traditionally has less cream in it than your standard ice cream and has less air in it too - meaning more goodness for you 😉.

Next time you're there, try to tick off all four in this little travel guide off of your list.

The Cakery's First Birthday, Bath

A couple of days ago the lovely, cosy café The Cakery in Widcombe invited us to celebrate their First Birthday with them. 

Ella is a local baker from Bath and launched the cute cafe, you guessed it, one year ago. She uses locally sourced ingredients and even uses recyclable takeaway boxes and cutlery - every little helps 🌎.

Sam's Kitchen Supper Club at Always Sunday House, Bath

Sam's Kitchen cook food that they love, taking inspiration from cuisines all over the world. They always cook seasonally and buy locally to ensure freshness and the highest quality of ingredients. You may remember that they used to have a Deli in Bath, but it sadly closed down a couple of years ago due to extortionate rent prices. They're now focused on events and tasting rooms. 

Always Sunday House is a Georgian home in Bath which showcases creative collaborators all working together to create unique and beautiful events. 

A couple of weeks ago, we were invited to one of Sam's Kitchen supper clubs which was hosted at the beautiful Always Sunday House. The theme was Middle Eastern and Mediterranean flavours to showcase Sam's Kitchen's new 3-course dinner menu - we were even lucky enough to be cooked for by Sam himself. 

Shop Local: Hanora Health, Bath

Hanora Health was recently launched to address the issues facing society today - processed foods. They have launched not one, but two different products: Kombucha and Raw Chocolate Orange bites.  They kindly sent us a couple of things to try out and today we're sharing them with all of you 🤗.

So, what is Kombucha? You may have heard of it before, particularly if you are interested in gut-healthy foods. It's essentially a fermented tea beverage made with a symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast. It sounds scary but it's really not.

After a week or longer, the drink becomes naturally carbonated and slightly sweet-tart. Most excitingly, it becomes full of healthy goodness (B vitamins, antioxidants and bacteria/yeast which are great for your gut.)

Melbourne-Style Brunch at The Hardware Société in Paris, France

Located in Montmartre, The Hardware Société is quickly becoming one of Paris' favourite brunch spots. The restaurant originally opened in Melbourne, and made it's way to Paris a few years ago incorporating both Australian and French breakfast favourites into their menu.

Dinner at The Acorn Restaurant, Bath

Looking for a cosy, modern, award-winning bistro specialising in vegan and vegetarian food? Look no further than The Acorn Restaurant.

The Acorn Restaurant's ethos is to work from nature, bringing its flavours and textures to life. Quite simply put: working with plants. They put fruits, vegetables and legumes in the spotlight, creating gorgeous modern dishes using delicious, high quality ingredients.

Lunch at Dan Moon at The Gainsborough Restaurant, Bath

Dan Moon at the Gainsborough Restaurant has been awarded an impressive three AA Rosettes and features in the prestigious Tatler Restaurant Guide. The restaurant, located in The Gainsborough Bath Spa Hotel, has a special two-for-one lunch menu on weekdays - an offer we couldn't resist.

Pho Tuesdays at Noya's Kitchen, Bath

Noya's Kitchen, one of Bath's best restaurants specialising in Vietnamese food, has recently launched Pho Tuesdays dedicated to - you guessed it - pho. A Vietnamese soup made with broth, rice noodles herbs and a protein source (beef, chicken or tofu), pho is a street food that has recently become very popular in the UK.

Lunch at The House of Small Wonder in Berlin, Germany

"Why the name House of Small Wonder? Because everyday life is not about the big wonders, its about the small wonders that make things just a little more pleasant."

House of Small Wonder originally opened in 2010 in Brooklyn, New York and then made its way to Berlin at the end of 2014, bringing with it its greenhouse atmosphere, filled with plenty of (beautiful) greenery.

Burgers at MeatBusters Burger Bar, Bath

Located on Lower Bristol Road in a super cosy joint, MeatBusters Burger Bar (formerly known as Burgers and Barrells) makes great burgers cooked fresh to order, made using locally sourced ingredients.

Where to Have Breakfast and Brunch in Bath, England | BATH FOOD GUIDE

Our for Sunday brunch? Want a good place for breakfast? Here are some of the best places the city has to offer 🌻.

Cafe au Lait 

A family-run, independent coffee house serving a range of breakfasts (including vegan & gluten-free pancakes). The halloumi fries are incredible. Click here for our review.

12-14 Dorchester Street

Plant-Based Lunch at Beyond the Kale, Bath

Located in Green Park Station, Beyond the Kale is hands-down one of my favourite places in Bath. They specialise in juices and smoothies but have so many different breakfast, lunch and dessert options too. Everything is plant based and delicious.