Melbourne-Style Brunch at The Hardware Société in Paris, France

Located in Montmartre, The Hardware Société is quickly becoming one of Paris' favourite brunch spots. The restaurant originally opened in Melbourne, and made it's way to Paris a few years ago incorporating both Australian and French breakfast favourites into their menu.

What we ordered

  • Bircher muesli with saffron & vanilla quince, raspberry compote and pistachios 
  • Ragù of herbed mushrooms, pumpkin puree, cheese, pumpkin bread and 64 degree eggs 
  • Croissant with rose petal raspberry jam by la chambre aux confitures [not pictured, we ate it too quickly]
  • Green tea 

Our thoughts

We were both super hungry after walking up all of the steps to get to Montmartre, so this is exactly what we needed to perk back up. Both of us really enjoyed our meals and I have actually since been back, the second time ordering their special of the day which was fried brioche with a passion fruit & limoncello curd, raspberry gel, fresh raspberries, freeze-dried raspberries, lavender syrup and chantilly which was honestly amazing.

If there's a fried brioche on the menu and you've got a sweet tooth, go for it.

Our green tea came in the cutest little knitted tea cosy and helped us pretend like we were detoxing and the jam that came with the croissant was absolutely incredible. Rose petal and raspberry jam - absolute dream.

Both times never failed to disappoint and the interior is beautiful and luminous with lots of greenery and colourful butterflies on the wall - if you're lucky enough to get a table at the back you have a cool view of the rooftops of Montmartre too.

As with many popular "instagram-friendly" aka bobo (French word for hipster) brunch spots in the city (Season, Paperboy, Holy Belly etc.) you have to get there early-ish unless you want to wait a while for a table. They don't take reservations, but if you arrive before 10am you should be able to get a place relatively quickly. If not, the restaurant is right by the Sacré-Coeur (map below) so you can always have a wander before your table is ready.

Prices for pastries and cakes range from 3-7 euros, main brunch dishes from 10-20 euros and drinks from 2.5-6 euros, so pretty standard for Paris.

Check out their instagram page here & enjoy!

Disclaimer: The Hardware Société was visited in Winter/Spring 2017.