The Cakery's First Birthday, Bath

A couple of days ago the lovely, cosy café The Cakery in Widcombe invited us to celebrate their First Birthday with them. 

Ella is a local baker from Bath and launched the cute cafe, you guessed it, one year ago. She uses locally sourced ingredients and even uses recyclable takeaway boxes and cutlery - every little helps 🌎.

Ella has a passion for baking, and unlike some other cafes, every cake in here has been baked by her. 

As you can see from the photos, there were so many different cakes to try - it was incredible. Our absolute favourite was the carrot cake (pictured below).

It was light, moist and probably the best carrot cake we've ever tried. Surprisingly you can actually taste the carrot and the cream cheese frosting, adorably arranged in the cutest little flowers, was actually our favourite part of it even though we don't have massive sweet tooths. 

The Cakery is great for coffee, cake and cafe lovers. 

Despite having absolutely delicious cakes, it's also great for lunch and has an exclusively vegan and vegetarian menu. There are loads of gluten-free options too for those who can't tolerate gluten (lots of cakes and lunch options).

Excitingly, you can order birthday cakes from Ella at The Cakery and to be honest, after what we tried the other night, we would definitely 100% recommend doing so 🎂.

Thank you Ella and everyone at The Cakery who invited us down for the yummiest cake and birthday celebrations. Happy First Birthday!