The Best Hot Chocolate in Paris at Angelina

Angelina is one of the most famous cafés in Paris. 

Famous for what exactly? Beautiful interiors incorporating Parisian elegance and charm and (let's be honest, the main reason that we went) their hot chocolate 🍫☕️

Their famous "African" hot chocolate is made from three different kinds of cocoa from Niger, Ghana and the Ivory Coast...

... which come with a pot of whipped cream to top your drinks with (omg)

Accompanied by some pastries, obviously. 

Fluffy, buttery pastries 🥐

The queue was definitely worth it and the hot chocolates were delicious. They are quite rich once you're on your second cup - the jugs that they come in have about 2 so you can definitely share and for over €8 you should probably do that 🤗

They've also got white hot chocolates which is what my friend went for and she loved that too. 

Feeling full, happy and a little high from the sugar we went down to look at their delicatessen range before leaving. You can buy the famous hot chocolate to bring home with you! Their other pastries and macaroons looked wonderful too. 

So, the verdict. The best hot chocolate in the world? Probably. The best in Paris? Definitely. 

Locations in Paris

Rivoli (1st arrondissement), 226 rue de Rivoli (map below)
Rive Gauche (7th arrondissement), 108 Rue de Bac
Musée du Louvre (1st arrondissement), Aile Richelieu, Café Richelieu
Musée du Luxembourg (6th arrondissement), 19 rue de Vaugirard
Palais des congrès (17th arrondissement), 2 place de la porte Maillot
Galeries Lafayette (9th arrondissement), 40 boulevard Haussmann