Wine & Tapas at Beckford Bottle Shop, Bath

Beckford Bottle shop is a new, modern wine shop & tasting room in Bath with old-fashioned values.

They have over 250 different wines and all of their dishes use British produce, something that they pride themselves on, using lots of locally-sourced ingredients.

Beckford Bottle Shop has a big, open space over two floors which is perfect for virtually any social setting.

They have vaults downstairs which are super cosy and intimate, large, round tables perfect for larger dinner parties and comfortable sofas and coffee tables which are ideal for relaxed, casual meals for small groups.

The staff at Beckford Bottle shop were incredibly friendly, welcoming and knowledgeable. They all exuded passion, energy and enthusiasm for the place which was really lovely to see! As it's a wine bar, they have all been trained in wine knowledge and can, therefore, offer perfect pairings for any of the dishes and give many suggestions.

On their recommendation, we tried both the Malagouissa from Greece which is the head chef, Harry's, favourite and the Sauvignon Blanc Litoral from Chile. We liked both of them very much but went for the Malagouissa which is more on the sweet rather than the dry side.

They have an extensive wine menu (which we liked 😉) which also includes organic wines!

Moving onto the food, the menu was nicely and easily arranged by vegetarian, fish and meat dishes. There are 8 vegetarian options as Harry explained that he wanted to feature a lot of vegetables, bringing them to the forefront of the menu, 4 fish and 4 meat dishes.

As a side note, they are super accommodating of food allergies; the waiters can tell you which dishes contain which allergens. The gentleman behind us asked for gluten-free options and they were able to list all the options for him, making substitutions where possible. I know that a lot of you have allergies or intolerances so this would be a great place for you.

We started with a charcuterie board which came with a guide for all the different meats with tasting notes and origins (first dish)

Our favourites were the spied loin - Harry told us not to be put off by the fat here as it's the fat that makes it so delicious! The achardi spiced salami - loved the inclusion of the Indian spices. The air-dried beef, kind of like a British version of the Italian Bresaola and the green pepper venison salami which was full of strong, rich flavours.

It was served with a warm, sourdough bread which was so amazing that we had to ask where they got it from (we are bread lovers after all 🥖), and it's from Lievito bakery! The salted butter was also locally sourced, and I would definitely recommend ordering just the bread & butter on its own as it was that tasty.

Next was the smoked cod's roe (left) (second dish)

This was whipped, light and airy. It came with scandi-style cracker bread which Harry explained is to avoid having to use cutlery, making it more of a dip. It was absolutely delicious and drizzled with a slow-roasted shallot sauce adding tang, as well as dill oil.

Next was the British buffalo milk burrata with pistachios (on the right) (third dish).

This one honestly stood out to me so much because I've found that burrata can often be a little bit watery. This was unlike any other burrata I had ever had - the texture was firm on the outside and soft in the middle but not runny. It was drizzled with elderflower liquor and the pistachios provided a nice crunch to give it some bite and texture.

Honestly, with every dish that was coming out I had new favourites.

Then it was time for the mackerel tartare with sesame crackers (fourth dish).

The sesame crackers are made in-house and consist of only water, potato starch and sesame seeds so are naturally gluten-free and very light. The mackerel tartare was super fresh and the chilli wasn't too strong to the point where it would overpower the fish. It provided a nice, gentle kick and was offset by the fresh lime juice. So so good.

Next up we had the red wine glazed ox cheek and horseradish (right, dish number five) which was brought out with the creamed leeks & Westcombe cheddar (left, dish number six) as Harry recommended to eat these two together.

The ox cheek was so tender, sticky and succulent with the horseradish providing perfect sharpness. It was sublime. Honestly - try it.

The leeks were nice and crunchy and the cheddar super creamy.

The octopus stew braised in chorizo and octopus stock, beans, chickpeas & spinach was our last savoury dish (number seven)!

The octopus itself was perfectly cooked and not chewy in the slightest unlike what it can sometimes be, and the stew was slightly spicy due to the chorizo. This was the most 'Spanish' of the dishes that I tried and so yummy.

The chocolate mousse with almond brittle was our last dish (number eight - by this point we were so full haha!)

This was out of this world and perhaps the best chocolate mousse we have ever tried (and we've had a lot).

It was so light, airy, creamy and had a strong, bitter chocolate flavour with crunchy almonds, providing texture and crunch. We were so full by this point but we couldn't possibly let any go to waste. It was so decadent and divine.

Overall, we could describe the Beckford Bottle Shop in Bath to have excellent, friendly service, knowledgeable and enthusiastic staff, a nice venue for anyone who loves good wine and incredible food (which isn't too expensive). We can imagine that it's great when it's busy in the evenings and very cosy on those darker, wintery evenings that have started creeping in. Honestly exquisite food of exceptional quality.

We will definitely be coming back. Thank you so much Beckford Bottle Shop, you have been incredible.

Disclaimer: Bath Eats was invited to a complimentary meal at Beckford Bottle Shop in return for an honest review to be posted on our social media channels. All thoughts and opinions expressed herein are my own and not influenced by the company, and/or its affiliates in any way. This review was originally posted on our instagram page in November 2018 and has been adapted for the site.