Bronx Burger Co. Test Kitchen, Bath

A new burger place is coming to Bath in 2019... Bronx Burger Co 🍔

We had the (amazing) opportunity to test out their new burgers at one of their test kitchens.

Arabian Night & Dinner at Comptoir Libanais, Bath

Comptoir Libanais, as the name would suggest, is a Lebanese restaurant nestled in Southgate serving a range of yummy dishes (all the hummus - yum) 😍

We were recently invited to an Arabian Night filled with great food, belly dancing and live music. 

Picture courtesy of Comptoir Libanais

High Tea at The Peninsula Hotel in Paris, France

Situated just a few steps from the Arc De Triomphe and surrounded by beautiful Hausmann style buildings, the Peninsula in Paris is probably one of the most beautiful hotels I have ever stepped into. 

We headed there for their High Tea, stopping to take some pictures along the way of course.

Drinks & Nibbles at Champagne + Fromage in Comptoir + Cuisine, Bath

You may have recently noticed that Bath has a new French concept store and bistro on George Street. When you go into the shop you will see a room filled with fun French products and cosy coffee tables and chairs. If you go a little bit further, you'll see a cool bar with saucisson and old school pans hanging from the ceilings. 

Even a little further, you'll find a warm and welcoming bistro. The fun part, however, is on your right. Hidden behind a wall, there is a flight of stairs which will take you to Comptoir + Cusine's very own speakeasy, Champagne + Fromage 🥂

You will be greeted by Victoria at her champagne bar and will be given a menu full of different French champagnes and some sharing boards for if you get hungry. 

Shop Local: Elements for Life

You may have heard of Elements for Life, a local company that makes delicious, nutritious raw chocolate 🍫

They only use high-quality ingredients, which are pesticide-free. Many of them are also organic! They also source from lots of small-scale farmers co-operatives to ensure that their ingredients are fairly traded which is so important. 

Lunch at Ponte Vecchio, Bath

If you take a little walk down by the Avon you might spot Ponte Vecchio, a little gem serving delicious Italian food.

The restaurant is named after the famous Ponte Vecchio in Florence, Italy which houses the cutest little jewellery shops on either side of it.

We were recently invited down to try out some of their food (I'm not sure how we had never been there before). It's close to Pulteney Bridge in Bath which has often been referred to as the Ponte Vecchio of England so you see where they've taken inspiration for the name from ✨