Brunch at Cafe au Lait, Bath

Café au Lait is a family run, independent coffee house in the centre of Bath just opposite the train station. They are known to have speciality coffees and an amazing breakfast & brunch menu. Somehow, after having lived in Bath for years, we still hadn't tried out their breakfast. How? We're not really sure. But this weekend we had the amazing opportunity to finally try it. 

What we ordered

  • Halloumi fries 
  • Blueberry & banana pancakes 
  • Full veggie breakfast 
  • Mushrooms on toast with pesto 
  • Iced latte with oat milk 
  • Lemongrass & ginger tea 

Our thoughts

We're going to make a big statement here: this is the best breakfast we have ever had in Bath and now one of our favourite go-to spots. 

We started with the full veggie English breakfast. It comes with halloumi, vine tomatoes, poached eggs, baked beans, mushrooms, avocado and a slice of toast. As we had also ordered the halloumi fries (we'll get to those later), we had the halloumi removed from the dish to avoid an overload 😋. 

The beans were clearly homemade and the eggs poached to perfection. We loved the little details that had gone into it, like making the avocado into a rose for example 🥑. Really yummy. 

We then moved onto the halloumi fries...

... which changed our lives. These are *incredible*. You absolutely 100% need to order them. They're served with fresh mint, pomegranate molasses, seeds and a garlic and herb sauce. Honestly so so so delicious. 

We then moved onto the pancakes. These were lovely and light & fluffy. They came with lots of fresh fruit and maple syrup but they didn't taste *too* sweet. They are probably not the best pancakes we've ever tried, but they were definitely yummy and they also come in gluten-free/vegan options for those that would like them. 

The last dish that we tried were the mushrooms on toast. This dish came with pesto and was topped with crispy onions. 

This dish was delicious - the pesto was amazing and it was really generous - super garlicky. To be honest, after we had eaten all of the food above, we couldn't finish this dish but we still really enjoyed it. It would be great for someone who prefers savoury food. 

In terms of drinks, we ordered an iced oat milk latte (made with oatly oat milk yay 🤗 - our favourite) which was made really nicely. 

Overall, we aboslutely loved Café au Lait and would highly, highly recommend it for all of your breakfast & brunch needs. They have something for everyone - meat lovers, celiacs, vegans, vegetarians. The menu is very inventive and the presentation is excellent. The customer service is great too and everyone was extremely friendly and warm. 

100% recommend! If you take one thing away from this review - go and get those halloumi fries (let us know what you think)!

Disclaimer: Bath Eats was invited to a complimentary meal at Café au Lait in return for an honest review to be posted on our social media channels. All thoughts and opinions expressed herein are my own and not influenced by the company, and/or its affiliates in any way.