Yarra Road's Australia x The West Country Cheese & Wine Pairing Evening in Bath

Origially from Melbourne, Australia (in the Yarra Valley, a region renowned for both wine and cheese πŸ·πŸ§€),  Yarra Road is a boutique wine and artisan cheese event caterer for several events in the Bath area.

Although we have had the fabulous opportunity to try lots of different wines and cheeses whilst running Bath Eats (thank you Bath community - you're amazing!), we're definitely no wine experts. 

It's okay - we've all been there πŸ˜‰

So, to educate ourselves a little bit, we joined the Yarra Road duo's Australia x The West country wine and cheese tasting event to see what they were all about and learn a little bit about wine and cheese pairings. What we saw was their passion for learing, eating and drinking all things cheese and wine. 

The evening started with a welcome drink, a quince gin spritz with a splash of Whitley Neill Turkish gin which left you with a fruity and refreshing cocktail.

This was beautifully paired with Wyfe of Bath, which has an earthy, nutty, salty and buttery finish. The cocktail and cheese paired together was the perfect mix of sweet and savoury.

We absolutely loved this style of the pre-tasting teaser, with the cheese sat on the rim of the glass. A brilliant idea executed to perfection.

The Yarra Road duo then talked us through their wine and cheese pairings for the evening. With expert knowledge learnt from working on in an Australian wine and cheese bar, they prided themselves on their pairings and explained how the different wines and cheeses complemented each other to create a whole new sensory experience.

🍷 McPhersons Sparkling Chadonnay Pinot Noir (15%), Murray Darling, Victoria, Australia. This had peach, citrus, melon flavours and had a taste that lingered.

πŸ§€ Sharpam Soft Cheese (Jersey cows milk) from Totnes Devon. This was the winner of the best soft cheese, and the runner up of the people's choice award at the Great British Cheese Awards! Light, buttery and creamy with mushroom flavours towards the rind.

🍷 Mathilda Tournon Rose, 100% Grenache, Heathcote, Victoria, Australia. This wine had hints of strawberries, oranges and exotic flowers and was dry and light.

πŸ§€ Wookey Hole Cave-Aged (Goats cheese) from Wells Somerset. This cheese has won several awards including Best British Cheese at the World Cheese Awards 2016 (impressive). It was similar to cheddar, but with a sweeter and nuttier flavour with a dense, crumbly texture.

🍷 Yalumba Y Series Viognior Angaston (13.5%), South Australia, Australia. The Yalumba family has been making wine for over 150 years and are now Australia's second largest wine producers! This was a nice, dry wine with honeysuckle, lemon and peach flavourings.

πŸ§€ Stinking Bishop, Wash rind (Cow's milk) from Dymock Gloucestershire. This cheese was a little bit different, being made using rare Glouchestershire cows that were almost extinct until Charles Matell (the cheesemaker), started making cheese using their milk. He reared a herd and kept them from dying out. As the name would suggest, this cheese's smell was very intense and strong. The rind was more robust, whereas the middle of the cheese was a complete contrast and was very smooth.

These two made a great combination and the gooeyness (for lack of a better word) and saltiness of the cheese was easily washed down by the crispness of the wine. A stark sweet & salty contrast.

🍷 A Good Dirt Cabernet Sauvignon (14.5%), Barossa Valley, South Australia, Australia. This had plum, blueberry and spicy undertones. 

πŸ§€ Beenleigh Blue (Ewe's milk), Ashprington, Devon. Produced by Ben Harris from the Ticklemore Cheese Company, the cheese is based on a Roquefort recipe. Although it has the sweetness of its French cousin, it is a much milder, gentler version. The cheese had lots of different flavours of caramel, spice and nuts. Crumbly, dense and smooth in texture.

All in all, this was an absolutely incredible experience and definitely not one to be forgotten. We tried some beautiful wines and cheeses which we will certainly be purchasing soon. Our absolute favourite was the Stinking Bishop πŸ§€. Not for the faint-hearted πŸ˜‰. 

Yarra Road are certainly ones to be watched. If you happen to be interested in one of their next events (their website with upcoming events is here - click) you should definitely check them out. Their knowledge and fun, laid back approach made it a really enjoyable evening where we learned a lot - unlike several more 'snooty' wine/cheese events. 

Definitely an accessible way to learn all about cheese & wine. Thank you so much Yarra Road, for inviting us to your event and for giving us a lively, entertaining and educational night to remember!

Disclaimer: Bath Eats was invited to a complimentary wine & cheese tasting at Yarra Road in return for an honest review to be posted on our social media channels. All thoughts and opinions expressed herein are my own and not influenced by the company, and/or its affiliates in any way.