Afternoon Tea at The Royal Crescent Hotel, Bath

The Royal Crescent Hotel is probably one of the most beautiful hotels in Bath. Last weekend, we had the opportunity to try out their famous afternoon tea, situated in a room overlooking their serene English gardens.

Unlike traditional afternoon teas, The Royal Crescent Hotel has three different options to choose from. A traditionally sweet one, a more savoury one and a vegetarian option.

What we ordered
  • The Royal Crescent Afternoon Tea (savoury)
  • The Vegetarian Tea

Our thoughts 

We started with a glass of Taittinger brut reserve champagne which was delicious. They have a few different ones to try from (all Taittinger).

The savoury afternoon tea came with a smoked salmon toast with smoked paprika, lemon zest and caviar which was delicious. The honey and onion seed glazed sausage roll was perfectly succulent and the pastry flaky. 

The bath chap (pork cheek) with mustard mayonnaise, pickled radish and sorrel was great too. It also came with spiced goats curd, cucumber and charcoal emulsion as well as a saffron and honey yoghurt with mackerel tartar, fennel and red onion salad.

The vegetarian one came with a mushroom and truffle sausage roll with a honey and onion seed glaze which was really delicious and a nice alternative to the sausage roll. It also came with the spiced goat's curd and instead of the mackerel in the saffron and honey yoghurt, it came with feta. 

The last two items were a tomato, basil and lemon choux bun as well as a warm truffle, brie and grape tart. 

For sandwiches, the savoury one came with the classic afternoon tea favourites with a twist. It came with an egg, smoked cheddar, spring onion and mustard cress which was tasty. The roast beef, horseradish mayonnaise and watercress sandwich was delicious as was the chicken, basil and lemon hummus one. The smoked salmon, lemon and chive cream cheese sandwich had delicious salmon but we felt that it had a bit too much cream cheese in it.

The vegetarian tea actually had all vegan sandwiches which was nice to see. It had a roast pepper, basil and lemon hummus one. A cucumber, dill, black pepper and lime one, a tomato and chutney one and an avocado, guacamole and mustard leaf one.

Overall, we felt that the non-vegan sandwiches were much tastier than the vegan ones. They weren't bad, they just could've had much more flavour (particularly the cucumber one) although we appreciate that given they are vegan, the fillings are limited. 

As for the sweet treats, both afternoon teas came with the most delicious scones that we devoured within about 3 seconds. They came with Devon clotted cream, cinnamon butter 😍 and strawberry preserve. 

Cream or jam first? That's the real question. We went with jam first (don't kill us!)

They also both came with a Bath bun which you've probably hopefully seen before. It's a sweet roll with a sugar cube baked inside it topped with candied fruits and raisins. Really delicious. 

Lastly, we had a lime panna cotta with a crescent shortbread biscuit - so yummy.

The teas are all from Ronnefeldt Teas which is one of the leading premium tea brands worldwide. The Royal Crescent Hotel has a selection of delicious, exotic teas from China, India and South Africa. We ended up going for two fresh mint teas after all the food because we wanted something caffeine-free. 

After our lovely food and drinks, we had a wander around the hotel and its gardens. 

It's definitely a great place to go to celebrate a special event, or for just a lovely afternoon tea for no reason at all. It's a little bit pricey but the service is outstanding. Probably the best service I've had in Bath, and the food is super yummy. 

The hotel is absolutely beautiful - we would love to come and stay one day! Thank you to everyone at The Royal Crescent Hotel who made our experience so special. We will be back ☺️. 

Disclaimer: Bath Eats was invited to a complimentary meal at The Royal Crescent Hotel in return for an honest review to be posted on our social media channels. All thoughts and opinions expressed herein are my own and not influenced by the company, and/or its affiliates in any way.