Lunch at Comptoir + Cuisine, Bath

Comptoir + Cuisine is one of Bath's newest additions to the foodie scene. It opened a couple of months ago, and you may have seen our review of their champagne bar (click here if not). This time, we were kindly invited to try out their bistro, to discover all of their French tapas-style dishes.

What we ordered
  • Green olives 
  • Artichoke hummus with baguette 
  • Classic burger with comte cheese 
  • Green salad with mustard dressing
  • Fried celeriac with black truffle mayo 
  • Sweet potato fries
  • Gratin of crozet with tomme de savoie 
  • Mixed mushroom toast 
  • Furdyna carte blanche brut champagne πŸ₯‚
  • Peppermint tea
  • Raspberry lemonade tea 

Our thoughts

As soon as you walk into Comptoir + Cuisine, you feel like you're in France. It's a bistro and concept store so they have lots of different French products on offer - different meats, cheeses and alcoholic drinks as well as clothes and other beautiful items. 

We started with un petit apΓ©ritif, champagne and olives. The champagne was 70% Pinot Noir, 15% Chardonnay, 10% Pinot Blanc and 5% Meunier. It was fresh and bubbly. The olives were nice and juicy and provided were a perfect balance.

Comptoir + Cuisine specialises in Grower Champagne which is made by independent producers who are passionate in their traditional methods of artisanal winemaking. It's exciting to have been able to try a different type of champagne. 

The mushroom toast had really succulent and soft mushrooms. The toast was crispy and overall it had a great texture and a range of mushroom flavours.

The green salad was nice - quite standard really. The mustard dressing was nice, but it would've been better to have a bit more on there. 

The sweet potato fries were soft and delicious, although we prefer our fries a bit more crispy (where it's basically all fried and no potato πŸ˜…). It's all down to personal preference though. 

When we first saw 'gratin of crozet with tomme de Savoie' on the menu, we weren't quite sure what to expect. We were told that it's basically like the French version of mac & cheese.

Crozet is basically a small, flat square shaped pasta that comes from the Savoie region of France. Tomme de Savoie is a French cheese (also from the Savoie region) which is a semi-firm cow's milk cheese.

As was described to us, it was a delicious version of the American mac & cheese. We just wish that it had been a little bit bigger! Maybe order a couple if you're a carb and cheese lover πŸ˜‰.

The baguette with artichoke hummus dip was absolutely delicious. If you order one thing from here, order this. We love both artichokes and hummus so the combination was fantastic. The baguette was amazing, as you would expect from a French bistro πŸ₯–. We would highly recommend this.  

The mini burger was good. The meat was really succulent and the sauce that came with it was delicious. The bun was crispy and well done. Obviously, it's smaller than your regular burger, but they are supposed to be tapas portions so that is expected. 

Finally, the fried celeriac with black truffle mayo was great too. We were quite full at this point but we managed to eat a couple. The sauce is also great with the sweet potato fries.

We finished our meal by having a peppermint and raspberry lemonade tea. We have never seen a tea like the raspberry lemonade one. It was delicious - not too sweet but really fruity and flavourful.

The place itself is so lovely. It's really large as well with all different rooms. Overall, it's very cosy and the champagne bar downstairs has large sofas and soft lighting - perfect for a date πŸ˜‰. See more photos of that here

If you're looking for something a little bit different, we would highly recommend Comptoir + Cuisine. They're known mostly for their charcuterie and cheese boards (as well as their baked camembert 🀀) so we decided to try something a little different out for you today. 

If you love cheese, champagne, meats and all things French, you'll love this place. They also have loads of fish and vegetarian options though which is great. 

The service was super friendly too, and they were really keen to help to explain the menu and to suggest items they thought that we would like.

Thanks for inviting us Comptoir + Cuisine! We will be back soon.

Disclaimer: Bath Eats was invited to a complimentary meal at Comptoir + Cuisine in return for an honest review to be posted on our social media channels. All thoughts and opinions expressed herein are my own and not influenced by the company, and/or its affiliates in any way.