Bath's Newest Healthy Cafe: Vital Café

Class is a new boutique fitness place at the Riverside development (down by the big Sainsburys) with its very own healthy food cafe, Vital Café. It's full of healthy, nutritious options such as smoothie bowls, soups, snacks and sandwiches.

Whether you're going to a class, finishing a class or not going to a class at all (aka me), it's a great place to find delicious food.

Mid-Week Dinner Menu at Bill's, Bath

Bill's is one of the classic chain restaurants that you see in most British towns. Unlike others, however, it's got a really sweet interior, and a great breakfast menu. I used to go there for brunch all the time when I was in first and second year at university - their buttermilk pancakes 🤩.

Last week however, we were kindly invited by the Bill's team to check out their new dinner set menu for Sunday to Thursday. It's £19.50 for three courses, so very good value. 

Salt Cave Café, Bath's Newest Cafe

When we posted photos of Salt Cave Café on our instagram feed last week (link here 👈🏼), it got so much hype! We have had countless messages from you guys saying that you went and loved it. 

Salt Cave Café is Bath's newest cafe, and is very different to anything our little city has seen before. The room is completely made out of salt, and it actually used to be a spa. The salts are supposed to draw the toxins out of your body, and the whole cosy vibe of the cafe has a really relaxing effect on you. Great for that exam season that's looming 🤯. 

Rooted Vegan Supper Club with Lost and Grounded Brewery, Bath

Rooted opened in Bath just last year, adding another plant-based cafe and restaurant to the Bath food scene. They focus on nutritious food using local, environmentally-sustainable ingredients. 

In addition to serving breakfast, lunch and dinner, Rooted has also started hosting supper clubs on every last Friday of the month. Last week we were invited to their supper club in collaboration with Lost and Grounded Brewery, a Bristol-based company brewing delicious beer. "Beer is the new wine" was the general theme of the evening. 

On arrival, we were welcomed by lovely staff who were friendly and attentive throughout the evening. They explained all of the dishes and beers to us, and were happy to answer any questions that we had. 

We started with an aperitif. A beer named "A Long Story Short" 3.5%. Although we're not usually beer drinkers, it was a nice change to have beer rather than wine with our meal, and we really enjoyed this first drink. 

For food, we started with the amuse bouche, a wild garlic and nettle soup with oat crème fraiche. We really enjoyed this. It was light but wholesome and really flavoursome, as well as being beautifully presented - very vibrant and bright.