Rooted Vegan Supper Club with Lost and Grounded Brewery, Bath

Rooted opened in Bath just last year, adding another plant-based cafe and restaurant to the Bath food scene. They focus on nutritious food using local, environmentally-sustainable ingredients. 

In addition to serving breakfast, lunch and dinner, Rooted has also started hosting supper clubs on every last Friday of the month. Last week we were invited to their supper club in collaboration with Lost and Grounded Brewery, a Bristol-based company brewing delicious beer. "Beer is the new wine" was the general theme of the evening. 

On arrival, we were welcomed by lovely staff who were friendly and attentive throughout the evening. They explained all of the dishes and beers to us, and were happy to answer any questions that we had. 

We started with an aperitif. A beer named "A Long Story Short" 3.5%. Although we're not usually beer drinkers, it was a nice change to have beer rather than wine with our meal, and we really enjoyed this first drink. 

For food, we started with the amuse bouche, a wild garlic and nettle soup with oat crème fraiche. We really enjoyed this. It was light but wholesome and really flavoursome, as well as being beautifully presented - very vibrant and bright. 

The starter was a new potato salad with crisp radish and cider battered spring onion. Neither of us really enjoyed this dish as we thought that the spring onion was a little greasy, and we didn't think that it went well with the potato salad. The potato salad, however, was well seasoned and the radishes were a nice addition. Usually, potato salads are non-vegan and coated in mayonnaise and salad cream, so it was great to see a vegan version. 

This was served with Keller Pils 4.8% which was a hop bitter lager beer. We liked this one too.

Course number three was an apple and mint granita to break up the dishes a little bit. We absolutely loved this! It was so refreshing and light, very moreish and served in super cute little cups. 

The "main" course (or course number 4) was a spring vegetable and white bean stew served with a herb dumpling and grilled asparagus. We both really enjoyed this dish. The vegetables were not overdone like they sometimes can be, and the stew was full of flavour. It would have been perfect with some bread. The seasoned dumpling really finished the dish, and overall it was a great 'good for the soul' comfort food type dish. 

It was served with Saison D'Avon, 7%, a Belgian-style ale. This one was a little bit too strong for us. 

To finish, we had a rhubarb fool with ginger biscuit dessert. We also loved this dish so much. It was a perfect end to the meal - super light and the rhubarb was really zingy. It complemented the ginger biscuit really well. The fresh mint sprinkled on top really added to the overall flavour. 10/10! 

This came with Apophenia 8.8%, a tripel. This was also too strong for us, but I'm sure that beer-lovers will like it. 

Overall, we both really enjoyed the evening. The food was exciting, and we got to try dishes that we probably would have never chosen. It was beautifully presented, in quite a rustic style which really fitted the vibe of the restaurant and the evening. 

Although it's a fully vegetarian & vegan restaurant, it might not seem like the place that you would enjoy. However, one of us that went is a meat eater and she didn't miss the meat at all. 

Importantly, the timings between the dishes was great, and we didn't feel rushed at all. The problem with some supper clubs is that the dishes come out immediately after one another and it doesn't feel so relaxed. The dishes were also portioned well - we were satisfied at the end of the meal and didn't feel overly full. The perfect balance!

Thanks Rooted for inviting us down, we had a great time. 

Disclaimer: Bath Eats was invited to this event on a complimentary basis in return for an honest review to be posted on our social media channels. All thoughts and opinions expressed herein are my own and not influenced by the company, and/or its affiliates in any way.