Lunch at The Brasserie at Lucknam Park, The Cotswolds

Lucknam Park is a 5-star luxury hotel and spa with both tennis courts and horse riding facilities which is only a 25-minute drive from Bath. The hotel offers two contrasting places to dine. The first, a Michelin starred restaurant named Restaurant Hywel Jones. The second, a more casual Brasserie perfect for light lunches and al fresco dining.

Last week we had the fantastic opportunity to try out Lucknam Park's Brasserie. Luckily for us, it was 25 degrees so we picked a nice spot outside to enjoy our meal 🌻.

We started with a bottle of Gavi di Gavi La Contessa (2018), a refreshing and delicate white wine with floral notes. The perfect thing to order on a hot summer's day. [£40]

We nibbled on the bread board and lemon & black pepper chicken wings while we got stuck into the menu. Lucknam Park's Brasserie has a great array of dishes, with lots of vegan options - around a third of the menu is plant based! It's such a nice change to the one or two (or none at all) token vegan menu items that you get at so many other places. 

The bread board came with a slow roast tomato and cheddar cheese focaccia, Bertinet Bakery sourdough and music bread. [£2.50 per person - this was a one person portion] 🍞

The breads were delicious and soft, although the focaccia didn't have any tomatoes in it (they're sprinkled across the bread so some slices don't have it). The music bread was nice and crunchy, kind of like a fancy breadstick. The olive oil and balsamic vinegar, as well as the salted butter, were very high-quality and went with the focaccia and sourdough perfectly. 

The lemon and black pepper chicken wings were a tasty bite, but they would have benefitted from a dippy sauce for even more flavour. [£5] 🍗

We then moved onto our starters. As the Brasserie has so many options to choose from, we chose a couple to share.

The kerala spiced sprouting broccoli fritters with mango, cucumber and mint starter was one of the plant-based options. [£8] 🥦🥒🥭

This was a fabulous light, refreshing and inventive plant-based dish.  The salty deep-fried broccoli balanced the light creamy remoulade-type base really well, and the mango chutney added a burst of flavour to the dish. Thank god the days of bland and repetitive vegan options are over.

The hot smoked Loch Duart salmon came with a honey, mustard and fennel slaw. [£9.50] 🐟🍯

The salmon was lovely and was paired with a light, fresh slaw that complemented the smokiness perfectly. Honey mustard is one of our favourite combinations.

As the Brasserie has their very own wood-fired oven, we also had to try out one of their pizzas. They come in both starter (mini) and main (normal) portion sizes, so they're the perfect bite to share as a side as well. 

We chose the mini margherita pizza with confit cherry tomato, mozzarella and baby basil. [£11] 🍕🍅

The dough was soft and fluffy and the fresh toppings were fantastic. The sundried tomatoes were super juicy and yummy.

Moving onto our mains, we both decided to order the fish of the day. You could choose how you wanted it to be cooked, and then had a choice of potatoes. It also came with a tartare sauce and mushy peas. [Priced daily] 🐟🥔🍟

When we went the fish of the day happened to be hake (one of our favourites). We both chose to have it pan-fried, but it could have been steamed, grilled or even battered instead. One of us chose french fries and the other chose new potatoes.

The fish was so incredibly fresh, and the peas were lovely - strange coming from someone who usually doesn't like them at all! The french fries were fab (super crispy) and the new potatoes were nicely seasoned with their skins removed. The tartare sauce was also very good. 

What's great about this option is that you can choose to make the dish as healthy (or not) as you want. You could have the fish steamed with new potatoes (or opt for no potatoes at all if you're cutting down on carbs... something that we could never do, to be honest 😅) or you could go for an upmarket battered fish & chips. 

The Gavi di Gavi wine went with the fish really well - we would highly recommend it. 

As a side, we also ordered a rocket and parmesan salad to add a couple more greens in there. The rocket was fresh with lots of tangy parmesan mixed into it. [£5]

To finish we had the sticky toffee pudding with date purée which came with a caramel sauce and Tahitian vanilla ice cream. [£8.50] 🥄🍨

It was a yummy dessert but the pudding seemed harder than they usually are. Maybe it was the date purée? The ice cream and caramel sauce were fantastic. Sometimes it's hard to find really high-quality ice cream, and vanilla is one of the toughest flavours to crack, especially if fresh vanilla pods aren't used (those little black dots you can see). This one was delicious! 

We also had the homemade tropical sorbet. It comes as three scoops, but we ordered three of the same tropical flavour. It was so refreshing and smooth, with all of the different fruity flavours coming through really well. Sadly it was about 20% melted when it came out to us, but it was a very hot day indeed. [£8.50]

🌟 The restaurant itself is very minimalist and calming - perhaps because it's next to the spa! As there is a fancier restaurant on the property, this one is the more casual of the two. As someone not staying at the hotel, seeing people in their bathrobes who have just come from the spa was a bit off-putting. That being said, they are only allowed to be in one area of the brasserie (at the front - not where we were) and it's understandable as it's a casual place for guests to dine after relaxing in the spa & pool. 

After our meal, we got a few bikes from the front to explore the property. It's really big, so best done on bike (or horseback 😉). 

We had a look at their equestrian centre and they actually have a foal right now which is super cute 🐴. We didn't manage to get a good photo as the horses were on the other side of the paddock, but click here for an up-close shot from the Lucknam Park instagram account.

How beautiful and grand is the driveway?

Followed by some croquet on the front lawn as we waited for our taxi back to the train station. It really was a great experience, and we would highly recommend it for anyone looking for a relaxing way to unwind. It's also a fabulous property for those who are looking to go away with their children as there are so many activities on offer. There were even some kids quad biking when we went.

🌿 One of the key strengths is how Lucknam Park's Brasserie has so many plant-based options. They also have several gluten-free ones. There is something for everyone.

🤵🏻 Service was very friendly. The dishes came out relatively quickly, without it being so quick as to rush the experience. It was very relaxing to sit outside with some wine in the sunshine and to dine at a leisurely pace for a couple of hours. 

💰 £££

Disclaimer: Bath Eats was invited to a complimentary meal at The Brasserie at Lucknam Park in return for an honest review to be posted on our social media channels. All thoughts & opinions expressed here in are our own, and are not influenced by the company and/or its affiliates in any way.