Dinner at The Bear and Swan, Chew Magna

The Bear and Swan in Chew Magna is a lovely 18th-century country village pub only half an hour away from both Bath and Bristol. It's a great stop-off point for those who are going to Bristol Airport and would like a nice bite to eat before being subjected to the questionable airport food in the middle of a busy terminal (haha)!

We made our way into the cosy pub and ordered a couple of drinks before getting stuck into the menu.

The Bear and Swan has a really extensive wine list which is great, however it might seem a little steep for some (the cheapest glass of 175ml wine is £4.30). We ordered a small glass of the La Campagne Rosé de Cinsault (Pays d'Oc, France) which was very 'blush' in colour and complemented the dishes very well. [£5.95] 

We also ordered a pint of the local Butcombe Ale which was great. [£3.80] 

To start, we ordered the crab cakes with a fennel and rocket salad which was finished with Romanesco sauce 🦀🌿

This was one of our favourite starters. They were crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside and really fresh. You could really taste the crab, but at the same time it was not overpoweringly fishy. The rocket salad was the perfect addition, and the romanesco sauce really complemented the cakes. [£7.95]

We also had the lightly battered king prawns with saffron aioli 🍤

These were recommended to us by one of the waitresses, however we wouldn't really call them "lightly battered". In fact, we're not sure that the batter was entirely necessary. It meant that the pawns didn't taste of much, and in our opinion, sometimes batter can cheapen a dish. That being said, the batter wasn't greasy and the aioli went well with it, providing the flavour that the shrimps lacked. [£7.95]

As a main, we ordered the seabass which was served with samphire, asparagus, mushrooms, new potatoes and a dill sauce 🐟🍄🥔

This was one of our favourites! The fish was absolutely cooked to perfection. It was really flaky, and we loved the samphire that went so well with the white fish. Everything worked really well together - 10/10 would recommend. [£14.95]

We also had the rump of lamb served with dauphinoise potatoes, mini ratatouille, spinach and shallot jus 🍗🥔🍅

This was also fabulous. The rump was juicy and not at all chewy like it can sometimes be. It was cooked well, and it was great to have the ratatouille to accompany it. The dauphinoise potatoes could have been creamier and the spinach was a little on the cold side, but all in all this was a delicious (albeit pricey) dish. [£18.95]

As a side, we ordered some rosemary salted chips which were really hot, crispy and came with lots of fresh rosemary giving them a great flavour. [£3.50]

To finish, we ordered the pear tatin with honeycomb ice cream 🍐🍦

This was DELICIOUS. It was so warm, and the pastry was gorgeous. It wasn't soggy at all like it often can be. It was almost caramelised which we loved - the perfect sweet dessert. [£6.50]

Lastly, we had the rhubarb panna cotta with shortbread and a rhubarb & custard ice cream 🍮

We were apprehensive when this came out because the panna cotta looked a little bit like blancmange, but the texture was lovely and creamy. This being said, it wasn't as melt in the mouth as others that we have had before. The rhubarb flavour was different, meaning that the dish wasn't too sweet. It was also great to have actual fresh rhubarb on the side of it. We loved the shortbread, although we're not sure if this was homemade. 

🌟 Overall, it's a lovely 18th-century country village pub with traditional homey interiors. Dog friendly!

🌿 Good vegetarian options. Gluten free options. No vegan options. 

🤵🏻 Great service - staff were friendly and welcoming. They came back a few times to check that everything was okay. 

💰 ££-£££ 

Disclaimer: Bath Eats was invited to a complimentary meal at The Bear and Swan in return for an honest review to be posted on our social media channels. All thoughts and opinions expressed herein are our own, and are not influenced by the company, and/or its affiliates in any way.