Dinner at Underwood Restaurant, Bath

You may have spotted a new(ish) blue restaurant on Argyle Street recently. If you popped your head in, you would have been welcomed with an art deco, tranquil and relaxing interior.

We were recently invited to check out the new restaurant, and after a quick google and no menu posted on their website, we were intrigued with what type of food we would find (after our meal, we saw that they sometimes post menus on their instagram account here).  

As we walked in, we first came to a lovely bar area where an array of cocktails were being made. 

We were then shown to our seats - one of the best ones in the house, right next to an amazing view overlooking the river Avon. We went when it was raining (sadly), but it still looked stunning. 

Although the cocktails looked amazing, we decided to both go for a glass of the De Martino Estate Merlot from Chile 🍷, which was very smooth, fragrant and went with our mains really well (especially the steak). [£8.50]

We skipped starters and went straight into mains. 

One of us had the ribeye steak with king oyster mushrooms and wild mushroom purΓ©e πŸ₯©πŸ„. [£23] 

As you can see, the dish was beautifully presented with a variety of different textures. The steak was a great size, cut and very tender - for the quality, it was correctly priced. The mushrooms added nice extra flavour and texture to the dish, however, if we're being really picky, we ordered the steak medium rare and (in our opinion) it came medium. As with a lot of different opinions on food, this judgement is subjective to a certain degree. 

We were recommended by the friendly staff to order an extra side with the steak to make it more of a main meal 'portion', so we went for the seasonal greens which were a nice, fresh mix of broccoli and spinach πŸ₯¦. [£3.50]

The other one of us had the Cornish seabass served on a bed of shredded carrot and parsnips with a crushed potato patty 🐟πŸ₯•πŸ₯”. [£19.50] 

This dish was more of a main meal portion size, coming with a variety of different sides. The fish was beautifully cooked, delicious, and the shredded vegetables were a nice addition to it, providing a variety of texture to the dish. The crushed potatoes were nice, but slightly overpowered the taste of the fish. 

Then we moved onto puddings, starting with the chocolate delice (not pictured) 🍫. [£8]

This was a beautifully presented dessert (can you see a pattern here?) which had the texture of a thick chocolate mousse and was really moreish. 

And finishing with the "Underwood Dessert", a white mousse with cherries and sponge cake πŸ’. 

This dessert was reminiscent of a black forest gateau with a light texture and was a really good-sized portion. 

🌟 The dΓ©cor inside is gorgeous, and it's the perfect place for date night. The atmosphere is very tranquil and relaxed, with modern furnishing and artwork surrounding the rooms. We love the vibes in there! As explained, it's also great for a drink at the bar. It's actually on three floors, the first one being a bar/communal area which is great for events, date night or a few casual drinks whereas the other two are for dining; the perfect set up if you wanted to get a drink before dinner. 

🀡🏻 The staff were very friendly, however, the service was a little bit slow. Given that this is a fairly new restaurant with perhaps new staff, we are going to give them the benefit of the doubt - you should definitely not be put off by this as we really enjoyed our time at Underwood Restaurant, and maybe we went on an off night. 

🌿 There is one vegetarian option, and allergies aren't obviously marked on the menu. There is no children's menu so we wouldn't suggest it for a young family outing - however, that's not really the vibe of the place anyway. 

πŸ’° £££

Disclaimer: Bath Eats was invited to a complimentary meal at Underwood Restaurant in exchange for an honest review to be posted on our social media channels. All opinions expressed herein are our own and have not been influenced by the company and/or its affiliates in any way.