Gusta Pizza, one of Florence's Favourite Pizzerias

Gusta Pizza is probably one of the most popular pizzerias in Florence, especially amongst students. It is both family run and cosy and is close to the Palazzo Pitti and the Ponte Vecchio - the perfect stop for some post-sightseeing food. Expect to find cheap and cheerful pizzas accompanied by a long queue outside, especially in the busier summer months.

As you walk in the smell of freshly made pizzas fills the air and you're greeted by a friendly face asking for your order. You have the choice of either eating in, which I have never done simply because it's always so busy, or having your pizza to go (da portare via). 

I have always ordered it to take away and sat in the Piazza Santo Spirito, right next to the pizzeria, with a bottle of... (Italians cover your eyes) wine or prosecco. You can also, of course, go the Italian way and have some beer instead. I know that Gusta Pizza sells wine but traditionally many Italians would cringe at the thought of wine and pizza together.

They have a simple but tasty menu, with some specials which change every now and then. 

I have tried their Margherita, Gustapizza (cherry tomatoes, rocket salad, parmesan & mozzarella) and one of their specials which had pesto and mozzarella, all of which were yum yum yummy & deliciously soft. 

Friends have also tried the Napoli and the Caprese and they all had smiles on their faces as they ate. 

I love taking the pizza and eating it in the square with friends or loved ones. Santo Spirito is an interesting area of Florence which is very lively at night and has a beautiful ambience about it. 

Just watch out for some dodgy characters who come by and offer you drugs - you will be fine, just politely decline if you are not interested and they will be on their way. It really is nothing to worry about and shouldn't deter you from going there because it's one of the best squares in Florence to hang out in at night!

North of Naples it is hard to find Neopolitan pizzas - they are generally thinner. However, Gusta Pizza makes the yummiest doughy ones. 

They taste so, so good and the fluffy dough is probably baked by angels. That being said, you do end up having a little bit of a pizza baby, or twins/triplets in my case.