The Llanerch Hotel & Vineyard: Hotel Room, Dinner and Wine Tasting & Tour in Wales

For all of you wine lovers out there, you might be surprised to hear that Wales makes wine 🍷.

What? Really? 🤔

Yes, really. Last weekend we had the opportunity to check out Llanerch Hotel & Vineyard in Wales, just a 20-minute car journey from Cardiff and about 1.5 hours from Bath.

Llanerch Hotel was originally owned as a family home by a lovely couple named Peter and Diane. In the early 1980s, the couple retired and were inspired to grow their own wine due to the growing success of British vineyards, and in 1986 the first vines were planted. In the 90s, their wine improved significantly and in 2010 the vineyard was sold to its current owner, Ryan Davies.

The Rooms

Although the hotel originally had a bed & breakfast, Ryan has turned it into a two-storey hotel comprising 26 rooms and suites. They all have uninterrupted views of the Welsh countryside and have luxury interiors. The new area of the hotel opened just last week so we were one of the first lucky ones to stay.

We stayed in one of their King Superior rooms.

The rooms are massive. The king sized bed was very comfortable, with several pillows per person and soft sheets. The blackout curtains and basically non-existent noise pollution (yay thank you countryside) meant that we had a very good night's sleep. 

The room itself had a comfortable sofa, a desk and a little seating area.

I cannot describe how comfortable this carpet was. It was super thick, soft and your feet sank into it as you stepped onto it. I need one of these in my bedroom! 

Of course, one of the best things about the room was the view.

100% uninterrupted views of the beautiful Welsh countryside.

The bathroom was brand-new and had gorgeous White Company products as well as fluffy bathrobes for a truly relaxing experience.

It comes with a rain shower, and when I ran a bath the perfect temperature came out immediately. I'm not sure how they do this! I really appreciate it when hotels have both a shower and a bath so that everyone is satisfied - you know how weird some shower people get if they have to take a bath and vice versa. 

Other amenities included a Nespresso machine, a bottle opener to enjoy the local wine, a massive TV and a hairdryer. 

Vineyard Tour & Wine Tasting 

As mentioned above, the first vines were planted in 1986. After carefully sourcing the correct grape varieties for the land, Kernling variety grapes, a hybrid of the more commonly known Reisling variety, were planted.

We started with a lovely wine tasting of three of Llanerch Vineyard "Cariad" wines. Before trying the wines, we learnt a bit about the wine-making process. It's worth noting that traditional winemaking methods are not vegan - they use fish guts to filter the wine (charming right?), however in recent years Cariad has started using carbon instead, so it's vegetarian & vegan-friendly.

We were also taught how to approach wine tasting. Have a look at the wine against a white/light background, tilting it if necessary so that you can see past the condensation. Then swirl it around to really release the aromas and take them in. Finally, taste the wine and swirl it around your mouth to see where it hits you. If the top of your mouth tingles, it's a dry wine. If it's in your cheeks, it's a medium, and the bottom of your mouth means that it's sweet.

Now that we knew a bit more about how to act like wine pros, we tried the wines themselves.

Not looking like this of course 😉. We had trusty wine tasting cards to help us.

Interestingly, the wine itself is very pale as Wales doesn't get much sunshine (surprise surpirse)!

We started with the Cariad Dry White. This wine had citrus and green fruit flavours, and is a nice table wine that would go well with fish like salmon or haddock. The more sips you had, the less acidic it tasted. The wine was crisp, refreshing and probably my favourite. Fun fact: all German grape varieties have an elderflower flavour. 

We then tried the Cariad Off-Dry White. This wine was light and aromatic, a perfectly balanced palate of ripe fruit flavours and floral elderflower notes. Although it's an off-dry white (aka less dry than 'dry'), it tasted drier than the first one as its fruit flavours weren't as strong. It would go great with something like a Thai green curry or a chicken korma - something a little more aromatic and spicy. 

Finally, we had the Cariad Sparkling Brut. This one had bright fruit aromas, and the bubbles weren't too strong. 

We took our last glass of wine and headed to the vineyard to explore the beautiful grounds.

They're honestly so calming to walk around - such a nice change from living in a busy city.

If you're at Llanerch, we would highly recommend doing the tour & wine tasting as it's an excellent way to taste a variety of their wines, as well as walking around the grounds themselves which you can't do unless you go on the tour.

Oh and as a bonus, you get to keep your wine glass!


The food at Llanerch Hotel & Vineyard is fantastic. Their menu changes regularly to include seasonal ingredients from the surrounding area, and you can really taste the difference. 

To drink I had an aperol spritz, a classic summer drink, and he had a glass of the Cariad dry white wine.

All of the wine tasting made us peckish, so we started with some warm focaccia 🍞.

The bread was soft and the top nice and salted, with sprigs of fresh rosemary. The olive oil had pink peppercorns in it, and the butter was lightly salted. Both were great additions to the bread.

Moving onto starters, the soup of the day was a creamy mushroom soup 🍄 [£7].

It was delicious - just the right amount of creaminess and a burst of mushroom flavour. The focaccia that came with it was a great addition to scoop up the soup. 

We also had the torched 50 degree salmon with peach, spinach and pecans 🐟🍑 [£8.50].

The salmon was fresh, but I personally wasn't a fan of the 50 degree cooking, and would have preferred it being fully cooked or raw like sashimi. The peaches were a little sweet for my taste and there wasn't much spinach on the dish. The pecans were nice and crunchy, adding a different dimension to the dish. For something like this, it's down to personal preference. The plate presentation was excellent.

For our mains, we got a range of dishes.

I had the vegetarian gnocchi which came with fresh peas, broad beans, morels, spinach and ricotta 🌿 [£17].

The gnocchi were softer than usual, but it was great in this dish. The flavours worked together really well, and there was a slight yummy garlic pesto type flavour going on. This could also be changed to a vegan option, so it's good to have that flexibility when ordering. I would highly recommend this as a meat-free dish.

We also ordered the 8oz fillet steak 🥩 [£28] and a side of peppercorn sauce [£2.50].

The steak was Himalayan salt dried and had been aged using a 40-day ageing process to create tenderness with delicious nutty flavours. The steak itself was delicious. However, we should note that we had asked for it to be cooked medium, whereas it arrived more rare/medium rare in the middle. The peppercorn sauce was the perfect accompaniment and was great for dipping the chips into too. 

As sides, we went for chips and smoked carrots with radicchio 🍟🥕 [£3 each].

The triple cooked chips were hot, salted and very crispy - the best combination. The carrots (as you can see) do not look that aesthetically pleasing, but they were so delicious! Really soft and the perfect side for someone who wanted something less carby. 

After we had finished all of that food, we really couldn't eat anything else so skipped on dessert. However, they had an amazing range to choose from. Their peanut fondant and their hazelnut & vanilla cream choux bun sounded incredible, and we heard great things about their baked Alaska. Not many places do baked Alaska - so it was fabulous to see this on the menu.

🌟 The atmosphere is great. You have a stunning view of the vineyard, and the restaurant is light and airy. You can also eat outside which is a great option in summer.

🤵🏻 Very friendly and fast service.

 🌿 Great vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free options. They have a special all-vegan menu for ease.

💰 £££


After our tranquil night's sleep, we headed down to breakfast in search of croissants.

We chose not to have any of the cooked options as we were happy with some light pastries and fruit, however, it's important to note that they can also do many vegan and gluten-free options. One of the vegan options even includes pancakes with fruits - this should be on the main menu!

The pastries were fresh, and the fruit salad had a nice range of fruits that went beyond the usual (sometimes boring) mix of bananas, apples, pears and grapes. They even had nectarines! A rarity in hotel breakfast buffets in the UK.

Our Verdict 

The Llanerch Hotel & Vineyard is a fantastic place to go for a weekend retreat. The restaurant itself is on the more expensive side, however the wine tasting & vineyard tour is only £12.50 per person.  You get a lot of wine for that price, as well as knowledge of course - so now you can look like a pro when you order wine at your favourite restaurant 😉.

It's the perfect tranquil place to unwind, and would make a lovely special occasion gift. In fact, you can get everything that we experienced for £200 for two people mid-week. That's right - the room, the vineyard tour & wine tasting, dinner for two including alcohol and breakfast are all included in the price. For more information, click here

Thank you to everyone at Llanerch Hotel & Vineyard who made our stay so special. This really is a gem in the Welsh countryside - we hope that you love it as much as we did!

Disclaimer: Bath Eats was invited to a complimentary experience at Llanerch Hotel & Vineyard in Wales, via Socialight in exchange for coverage to be posted on our social media outlets. All opinions expressed herein are our own and are not influenced by the company and/or its affiliates in any way.