New Menu Tasting at The Giggling Squid, Bath

If you love flowers, The Giggling Squid is probably one of the most beautifully decorated restaurants in Bath 🌸.

Known for its catchy name & yummy Thai food, The Giggling Squid recently changed their menu - and we had the exciting opportunity to try it all! As a Thai staple in Bath, we were intrigued to try their new & improved dishes. 

We were greeted with bubbly rosΓ© and chatted with other Bath-based foodies. 

Our Giggling Squid hosts talked us through the menu and were incredibly attentive. They hinted towards a running theme throughout the whole menu & challenged us to guess what it was. After some hurried internet searching (trust a bunch of millenials to look up the answer online πŸ˜‰), we concluded that the references to the numbers '555' throughout the menu's artwork were representative of change - right in line with the evolution of the Giggling Squid's food. 

Taking our seats, we moved onto cocktails.

There were some familiar favourites with Thai twists of lime, ginger, coconut and other interesting, fresh flavours. 

Our choice was a Thai Sabai - Mekhong rum & lime juice infused with Thai Basil. Sort of like a fragrant, Thai mojito. It was delicious. Refreshing, and not too sweet. To quote the menu: "Sabai is the Thai way of saying 'it's all good' and after a couple of these, it really is...". 

Then an endless stream of food seemed to arrive. 

We started by sampling an array of starters. The presentation of these was fantastic! 

Our favourites were the two squid dishes (no surprises there - they do squid well!). 

The classic salt & pepper squid was lightly fried and highly addictive. The turmeric-grilled squid was smoky and delicious, although the accompanying dip was a little too sweet and spicy for our taste and the squid was great without any sauce at all. 

We also enjoyed the mushroom larb - a vegan dish that was a bit on the spicy side. The textures of the exotic mushrooms were distinctive and moreish.

Other starters included the lemon and lime tuna petals which were presented beautifully, and the betel leaf & ginger-lime salmon morsels. Great, classic flavours that were wrapped up in an earthy leaf that you pop into your mouth in one go. 

For the mains, we ordered these individually - but the challenge was deciding what to have! After much deliberation, and still undecided between the pork cheek and the duck 'rising star' red curry, our lovely waiter stepped in and suggested to go for the curry.

It certainly did not disappoint! Sweet and aromatic, the curry, which was served with sticky rice, was rich and full of delightfully unfamiliar components. The juicy starfruits were a welcome addition - not too fruity for a savoury dish, but with a succulent texture, they added something special. The confit duck was extremely well done - flavoursome, juicy and the perfect meat to go with this red curry. 

Others had pad thai, krachai prawns (some food envy there, not going to lie πŸ‘€), and the banana leaf grilled sea bass. All of these were fantastically presented. 

Moving onto desserts, we went for the caramelised mango cake, served with vanilla ice cream. The cake wasn't actually as sweet or rich as might have been expected, and therefore it followed a sweet and rich main course very well. 

Overall, we thoroughly enjoyed our evening and were suitably impressed with the new menu - plenty of choice from a well-priced dinner menu of well-executed Thai food. It was an evening that lived up to expectation - quite rightly containing both giggles & squid πŸ¦‘. 

Disclaimer: Bath Eats was invited to a complimentary experience at The Giggling Squid in exchange for coverage to be posted on its social media channels. All opinions expressed within are its own and are not influenced by the company and/or its associates in any way.