Dinner at Bath Sushi, Bath

Bath Sushi is located just outside of the city centre on Lower Bristol Road. If you have ever heard of Bath Sushi before, you probably know it as a takeaway sushi place or somewhere that pops up on Deliveroo if you search for 'sushi' in the area.

I used to order from this place all the time back when I was a university student living in Oldfield Park, but I had never eaten there before. Until now! We decided to go for a range of different dishes to try out all that they had to offer, rather than sticking to the usual hosomaki mini rolls of salmon and avocado.

The California Roll (crab meat, cucumber, avocado, fish roe and mayo) 🦀🥑 [£5.50 for 4 pieces]

Salmon Cream Cheese Roll (salmon, avocado, cucumber, omelette, mayo and cheese) 🍳🧀 [£6.60 for 4 pieces]

Both of these tasted amazing! Both the rice and the fish were super fresh, and the rolls were very flavourful. You could tell that these were freshly made with high-quality ingredients. All of the flavours complemented each other perfectly, and we especially loved the combination of the salmon and cream cheese. It's a love/hate one, but it was one of our favourites.

Dragon Roll (prawn, asparagus, avocado, mayo and fish roe) 🦐🥑 [£15.40 for 8 pieces]

This roll looked and tasted delicious. The fried prawns paired with the light avocado sauce worked together really well, marrying salty with something a little softer. It was quite heavy so will definitely satisfy you for a mealtime. The presentation was obviously great too.

Vegetarian Futomaki (avocado, cucumber, beancurd, omelette and mayo) 🥑🥒 [£5.50 for 4 pieces]

This one was nice, but a little drier compared to the previous rolls. That being said, dipping it into soy sauce solved this easily. Pictured right.

Soft Shell Crab Roll (crab, avocado, cucumber, mayo and fish roe) 🦀🥒 [£6.60 for 4 pieces]

This one came in giant pieces and was very yummy. The fish roe adds another texture to the dish, giving a little 'pop' to the rolls as you bite into them. Pictured left.

Tuna and Salmon Nigiri 🍣 [£3.40 and £3.20 for 2 pieces]

We weren't the biggest fan of the tuna as it tasted a little bit odd to us, but we loved the salmon which was well-cut, soft and paired with perfectly cooked sushi rice.

Overall, we were impressed by the sizes of the sushi rolls. They're fresh, come in good portions and an array of different rolls, nigiri and sashimi to choose from. They also have set sushi meals as well as noodle and rice dishes.

🌟 The interior of Bath Sushi is tastefully decorated with Japanese-inspired art. The seating area is small, being primarily a takeaway sushi place, but consists of wooden tables with bamboo benches which easily fit parties of four. The restaurant is nice, clean and comes with airconditioning which is great for the days when Bath is super hot. If you don't want to eat in, get it to go and enjoy your sushi by the river or in Victoria Park.

🤵🏻 All of our dishes came at separate times, just whenever they were ready, so we didn't need to wait very long at all. All of the staff are really friendly and welcoming!

🌿 Vegetarian dishes are available and clearly marked on the menu.

💰 ££

Disclaimer: Bath Eats was invited to try Bath Sushi on a complimentary basis in exchange for an honest review to be posted on our social media accounts. All opinions expressed herein are our own and have not been influenced by the company and/or its affiliates in any way.