G&T Class at No. 15, Bath with Pixie App

Last week we joined the self-proclaimed gin connoisseur and head-barman, Ian, at No. 15 for an evening of gin tasting with Pixie App.

We got a breakdown of the different styles of gin along with an explanation of which and why each botanical is used in the chosen chosen. We also learnt how gin is distilled before trying all of the different gin combinations - the best way to learn, of course 😉.

The first gin that we tried was The Botanist Islay Dry gin, with 22 botanicals. It was definitely our favourite as it had a clean, refreshing palate. We added juniper berries and orange rind which really boosts the aroma of the drink.

Our second G&T used Chase Extra Dry gin with 10 botanicals. It's made from a potato base, like vodka and is much spicier than the usual. We added ginger and lemon (as well as lots of juniper berries) to offset the spiciness.

We then tried two flavoured gins by Chase. 

The first was a zippy and zesty pink grapefruit and pomelo one paired with grapefruit (aaaand juniper berries). 

The second was a tangy and tart rhubarb and bramley apple one with a level of sweetness which was surprisingly nice. We paired this one with lemon. 

We really liked both flavoured gins and were surprised as we had never had flavoured gins before. 

The bar man, Ian, really was super knowledgeable and he designed the whole cocktail menu at No. 15.

We would highly recommend going to one of these Pixie Experiences - they're kind of like Airbnb experiences, but happen a couple of times a month at different locations. We've been to a couple before, for example this coffee tasting experience with Good Day Cafe. Learn something new, have fun & support local businesses at the same time - what more could you want? 

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Disclaimer: Bath Eats was invited to the G&T Class at No. 15 by Pixie App in exchange for social media coverage. All opinions expressed herein are our own and have not been influenced by the company and/or its affiliates in any way.