The Coffee House Project 2019, Bristol's First Coffee Festival

The Coffee House Project is Bristol's First Coffee Festival! Starting in 2018, it was set up by two coffee connoisseurs, Louisa Parry and Sofia Simou and after a very successful first year, it came back for another! You simply pay for entry, and then you go round sampling all the coffees from the different stalls. This year, we were kindly invited by Heyday Maté. More on them later! ☕️

At the festival, there were workshops, talks, free sampling, food, music and competitions including the baristas vs bartenders cocktail competition.

If you forgot your keep cup (reusable coffee cup), you could 'rent' one for the day for £5, refundable on return of the cup. A great way to make sure thousands of single-use cups weren't thrown away, which is exactly what we did!

We first headed to Oatly, one of our favourite dairy-free milk brands out there. Soy milk has issues with uncertainty surrounding hormones in production methods, and almond milk has sustainability issues so oat milk is a great choice for those who aren't celiac.

Oatly makes the *best* oat milk that's great for both coffee and morning cereals. In fact, they even have a specialist barista version which froths perfectly. Look how gorgeous our two coffees were from there - we've been buying Oatly in our weekly shop for the past few years.

We then made our way to Heyday Maté, the whole reason why we were there!

Heyday Maté was created by a couple of lovely individuals who had tried maté on their travels and knew that they had to create something with it back in the UK. Maté is super popular in South America as it's full of antioxidants and natural caffeine. The new emojis even include a maté emoji (click here 👈🏼). 

Heyday Maté is a canned, carbonated drink made with maté, a tea-like drink that's brewed from Yerba Maté plant leaves. It has roughly the same amount of caffeine in it as a normal cup of coffee which is great for those morning or afternoon fixes. It's got a lovely smokey flavour that isn't overpowering and is a little bit like an iced tea with a buzz. 

I usually don't drink coffee as it makes me feel nauseous, but this was fantastic - no crash & no jitters.  They even gave us a couple of cans to take home to try too, and I'm sipping on one while I write this. ✨

You can buy Heyday Maté at Rabbit Food, The Colombian Company, Snobby's and Eat Your Greens in Bristol, or at Cascara, Good Day Cafe, Picnic Coffee, The Colombian Company, Beer Craft, Little Red and Castle Farm in Bath. You can also buy it online here 👈🏼. 

We were then getting a little peckish so we had a look to see what food was on offer.

They had beautiful cakes from both Cakesmiths and Wild Flour, but we were craving something a little more savoury so headed to Convoy Espresso where we got a classic toastie - cheddar and spring onions with caramelised chutney 🥪 [£5.90]

This was delicious, piping hot and gooey. The exact thing that we were craving. 

We went to a couple of the panel talks that ran throughout the day and it was really insightful to listen to the highs and lows of running and independent coffee shop in busy Bristol. It's *so* important to support independents - both Bath and Bristol are being taken over by chains, and we need to remember to support our local economies rather than lining the pockets of massive corporations.

We also hit up Henny & Joe's for their classic vegan masala chai syrup that's made in Bath. We sampled some mixed with warm oatly oat milk and it was delicious - we have since bought some! 

A couple of other places that were there were Sandows Coffee, focusing on all-natural cold brew coffee. It's the UK's first of its kind! 

And Girls Who Grind Coffee which is an all-female coffee roastery from Frome, Somerset. In a male-dominated industry, these two girls provide the perfect platform for women in the coffee industry to be seen and heard. In fact, they source all of their coffees from female producers and farmers! They also have a fabulous range of merchandise as well as ground coffee to choose from. 

We would highly recommend The Coffee House Project for any coffee lover - make sure to keep an eye out for their 2020 coffee festival. Thanks again to the lovely team at Heyday Maté who kindly gifted us tickets to the festival! ☕️