Dinner at Ole Tapas, Bath

We had the pleasure to visit Ole Tapas recently, a family-run, cosy Spanish restaurant located on John Street. Bath has a couple of different tapas places, but this seems to remain one of the city's firm favourites. 💃🏼

We were welcomed with two glasses of sangria [£6.95], followed by a variety of delicious traditional tapas dishes and drinks. 

Tortilla 🍳 [£4.95]

Tortilla is a traditional Spanish omelette with onions, potatoes and eggs. It wasn't very soft or melty, but the taste was excellent. We loved the ali-oli sauce which complemented the dish perfectly (a garlic/ olive oil sauce from the gods). 

Patatas ali-oli 🥔 [£4.25]

These potatoes were well-fried and crisped to perfection. These also came with the amazing ali-oli sauce.

Patatas Bravas 🥔 [£4.25]

Another potato dish! This one is probably more popular, and consists of more deep-fried potatoes, but this time with a very spicy sauce. The potatoes were tasty and not greasy at all. The sauce was nicely spiced, however the taste of tomato in the sauce was 'overshadowed' by the spicy chilli. 

Setas a la plancha 🍄 [£5.95] 

Wild oyster mushrooms with garlic olive oil. The mushrooms were soft and tasted great, super garlickly and delicious. However, it lacked some salt. 

Berenjenas 🍆 [£5.95]

Aubergine tempura-fried sticks with sugarcane. We really liked this dish. It was original and the aubergine was complemented perfectly by the slightly sweet taste from the sugarcane.

Boquerones en vinagre 🐟 [£5.95] 

Anchovies with olive oil and garlic, served with homemade crisps. Very tasty but the portion of anchovies was quite small. Generally, anchovies can be too salty in restaurants - Ole Tapas salted them perfectly. The crisps had a neutral flavour so there was a great balance between them and the saltiness of the fish. 

Cazon 🐟 [£5.95]

This was one of our favourites! A deep-fried Mediterranean white fish. It's a typical dish from the Spanish town of Cadiz. The taste was very special and the texture was crispy on the outside and very soft on the inside. Not greasy in the slightest!

Gambas a la plancha 🦐 [£9.95]

Grilled whole, wild Atlantic prawns. These were super fresh, tasty and nicely marinated in garlic. We love how much garlic is in the menu at Ole Tapas!

Chipirones a la planca 🦑 [£6.50] 

Grilled baby cuttlefish in extra virgin olive oil and garlic. This was excellently cooked and spiced with really soft textures. It could have used slightly more salt. That being said, salt is easily added. 

Pulpo a la gallega 🐙 [£9.95] 

Octopus with spicy paprika and boiled potatoes. This is one of the specialities on Ole Tapas' menu. The octopus was very soft and well-cooked. We loved the paprika flavour in the dish. 

Solomillo en salsa de cabrales 🍖 [£5.95]

Pork tenderloin medallions in 'Cabrales' cheese sauce. This traditional Spanish recipe tasted amazing. The pork was well cooked and the sauce was the ideal accompaniment. Cheese and meat lovers - order this!

Carrillera de cerdo [£7.95]

Slow-cooked Iberian pork cheeks braised in red Rioja. This was one of our favourites - the sauce was amazing and the meat was very soft. It was accompanied by mashed potatoes which were great to soak up the Rioja sauce. 

Carne a la plancha 🥩 [£7.95] 

Mature, grass-fed grilled Spanish beef. This was perfectly grilled and excellent - the perfect thing for steak lovers. You get quite a lot for your money and it's cut into enough sections to share. 

For dessert, we shared two which were both excellent. 

Almond cake from Santiago de Compostella (Galicia) accompanied by a scoop of vanilla ice cream 🍰 [£5.95] 

This was a really nice cake - super moist and delicious. The ice cream was very nice and worked well with the almond cake. 

Churros with hot chocolate sauce 🍫 [£5.50] 

These were probably our favourite. Served warm, they were the perfect sweet treat to have after all of the savoury tapas dishes. We loved the chocolate sauce which was deliciously sweet (but not too sweet). Somehow this dish wasn't messy at all!

The bartender also made us two amazing espresso martinis with crema Catalana which gave an interesting, sweet twist to the classic cocktail.

Finally, we were given a cheeseboard 🧀 [£15.95] 

It had Manchego (sheep), cabra curado (goat), cabrales (cow) and mahon (cow). Our favourite was the manchego! Sweet, salty and slightly nutty in flavour.

With this, we finished with two gin & tonics with frozen strawberries 🍓 [£9.95] 

All of the food was excellent. The portions are tapas size, but they are very filling and they recommend to order around five tapas per two people. Ole Tapas really thinks about the dishes, particularly which flavours and textures to pair together. All of the sauces worked really well with the dishes they came with and the marinated food was delicious. There are lots of flavour in everything and it was great quality. 

🌟 The interiors are super cosy with a warm atmosphere, and you have a great view of Bath's buildings. They were playing flamenco and other types of Spanish music which really highlighted the Mediterranean vibe of the place and food. That being said, the place is quite small and the tables have stools (4-5 people), so it's not ideal for big groups. 

🤵🏻 Staff make the place really special. They are warm, cheerful, funny and helpful.

🌿 This is the perfect place to take people who have dietary requirements. Lots (most) of the dishes are gluten-free, and there are several vegan/veggie options. 

💰 ££

Disclaimer: Bath Eats was invited to Ole Tapas on a complimentary basis (via Socialight) in exchange for social media coverage. All thoughts & opinions expressed herein are our own and have not been influenced by the company and/or its affiliates in any way.