Brunch at No. 3 Cafe, Weston, Bath

Last week we were invited to No. 3 Cafe in Weston. With empty bellies and just a 15-minute bus ride from Kingsmead Square later, we arrived at the cute cafe (map below).

We decided to order a couple of things to share between us.

The Pancake Stack 🥞 [£5.75]

Build-your-own pancakes! You can choose three flavours from a long list including berry compote, salted caramel, chia seeds and coconut flakes. We decided to go for fresh berries, cinnamon and nutella. The pancakes themselves were quite dense and thin, yet delicious.

We loved how generous the kitchen were with their toppings and how you could add as much (or as little) of the nutella as you wanted.

Egg in a hole - toasted bagel with crushed avocado, a fried egg, lime juice, cherry tomatoes, chipotle chilli, bacon and maple syrup 🍳 [£6.25]

This definitely wasn't easy to eat, but was a delicious mix of sweet and salty flavours. Although the avocado was a little underripe, the baked cherry tomatoes were particularly well-seasoned and the chilli flakes on the fried egg were the perfect final touch. A must-order for bacon and savoury breakfast lovers.

Ham and cheese toastie - toasted sourdough with ham, cheese, tomato and a selection of chutneys with a side salad and kettle crisps 🥪 [£6.20]

If we ranked the best ham and cheese toasties we've ever had, this would definitely come in the top three. Both the ham and cheese tasted high-quality and the ham wasn't too thick. The bread was perfectly buttered and toasted, and the chutney was particularly good with the toastie providing a zingy flavour.

The side salad had those lovely baked cherry tomatoes in it that were in the bagel and the Kettle crisps were a great side to have - who doesn't love Kettle crisps after all?!

We also ordered a couple of coffees and we were glad to see that they had an array of dairy-free milks available. Both coffees were delicious. 

Iced coffee with oat milk [£3.35]
Latte with almond milk [£2.90]

No. 3 Cafe also has a bunch of cakes and cupcakes that were super cute. You can even do cupcake decorating classes there - so sweet! It would be the perfect idea for a child's birthday party.

🌟 No. 3 Cafe has a very cosy, light atmosphere great for working with a coffee or catching up with friends over food.

🤵🏻 Very nice and helpful staff.

🌿 Unfortunately no gluten-free options, but many veggie available.

💰 £. Great quality:price ratio.

Disclaimer: Complimentary food.