Halloween Cocktails at The Ivy Bath Brasserie, Bath

We recently had the pleasure of visiting the Ivy Bath Brasserie to try out their new Halloween-themed  cocktails. They were originally created by the Ivy team to give a spooky twist to their menu until 3 November (this Sunday) 🎃.

Midnight Martini - Tosolini Expre, Absolut vanilla vodka, dark crème de cacao and cinnamon syrup 🍸 [£9.25]

This was amazing. It had a chocolatey taste with coffee undertones, creating the perfect transition from sweet to bitter, leaving a pleasant sweet aftertaste. It's decorated with white chocolate sprinkles, adding both an optical and tasty twist to the drink. The cinnamon syrup made it smell amazing and autumnal. We would highly recommend this one for sweet cocktail lovers!

Poison Ivy - Wyborowa vodka, Midori, agave syrup, lemon juice and grenadine, garnished with a maraschino cherry 🍒 [£9.50]

This one was actually originally inspired and created by the Ivy in Bath, and was then sold throughout the UK at all other Ivy restaurants. This cocktail was fruitier, slightly sour and pleasantly strong. It tasted excellent and the grenadine and lemon juice were the perfect complements for the vodka. The maraschino cherry gave a fruity twist to the drink.

We also had a couple of nibbles to snack on whilst sipping on our Halloween-themed drinks. These are on the general menu and are always available - thankfully, because they're so good!

Truffle arancini - fried arborio rice balls with truffle and parmesan [£5.95]

If you haven't had these before, you need to go and try them! they were perfectly cooked: crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. The filling was soft, cheesy and delicious. We loved the truffle flavour and it's the perfect nibble to order either with drinks or a meal. We get them every time we go to the Ivy and they never disappoint.

Zucchini fries with a chilli, mint yoghurt sauce 🥒 [£5.95]

The fries were crispy, light and far from greasy. The sauce was smooth, tasty and slightly spicy - perfect for dipping the fries into. They were a little different to your standard fries and tasted somewhat lighter. 

🌟 The Ivy's interiors are beautiful and classy, filled with various art, chandeliers, flowers and plants. It's very spacious and thus appropriate for both big and small groups. We loved the atmosphere and the vibes. 

🤵🏻 The service was exceptional (it's been hit & miss in the past). Everyone was helpful and nice, and the bartender, John, was well informed, very attentive and polite.

🌿 Good separate vegetarian and vegan menu. Lots of gluten-free options but these aren't clearly marked on the menu.

💰 ££-£££

Disclaimer: Press invite - complimentary experience.