An Indian in Autumn Supper Club at The Mint Room, Bristol

Last night we went to another of The Mint Room's supper clubs with one of the UK's finest Indian chefs, Saurav Nath, formerly at London's Michelin-starred Benares & Gymkhana. Named an Indian in Autumn, the menu consisted of dishes that exemplified autumnal British ingredients which was created a co-hosted by food and hospitality consultant Humayun Hussain. 

We had been to their Bombay Feasting supper club in Bath a few weeks ago which was absolutely delicious so we had high hopes for this one (read about that here or read a review of the Bristol menu here 👈🏼)! 

We started with an amuse-bouche. 

Charred chicory, tangy potatoes and sprouted beans with pomegranate, watermelon and sweet melon salsa, tamarind jelly, sweet yoghurt foam, nylon sev, vinegrated onion ring and edible flower. 

This was amazing and had such an array of flavours. The chicory was bitter but not in an overpowering way and was complemented by the sweetness of the pomegranate seeds and melon salsa. 

We also had a pornstar martini, which was literally one of the best pornstar martinis we have ever had. Not to mention, it was beautifully presented. As we said in our review of the Bristol location, this place does incredible cocktails. So good in fact, they should open their own separate bar! 🍸 

Our starter was the tandoori-grilled partridge breast glazed with tamarind and lemongrass, kaffir lime cucumber puchadi, beet confit, celeriac puree and fig & mint gel.

This was one of our favourites - the tandoori gave the meat so much flavour and the figs were to die for. They're such a brilliant and versatile fruit to accompany a savoury dish. 

We then moved onto the charred mackerel fillet, potato & mustard salad, heirloom tomatoes, kumquat muraba, black garlic gel and green apple sorrel chutney.

We were sceptical about this one as we usually don't eat this typically 'fishy' fish. That being said, this dish was spot-on; even the tomatoes were full of flavour. The potato salad was melt in the mouth and the hints of mustard worked really well with the sweetness of the green apple sorrel chutney. 

As our main, we chose the clay oven grilled lamb with crushed parsley, goat keema turnip, carrot pickle, wilted spinach and spicy lamb jus. 

The lamb was both juicy and mouthwatering. The goat keema was quite hot but the carrot pickle was refreshing and almost counteracted the spice in the dish which was definitely needed. The perfect pair. 

We also got a couple of sides with this - the green vegetable poriyal which was seasoned mixed green vegetables stir fried with mustard seeds and coconut, yellow dal tempered with garlic and red chillies, naan and zeera rice. 

The green vegetable poriyal was both crunchy and coconutty. We absolutely loved it - the perfect way to make green vegetables incredibly delicious. The dal had bigger lentils in it which we loved as it gives the dish more texture. Once again, the flavours were beautiful. The naan was super soft, doughy and warm and was great to scoop up some of the dal. 

To finish, we had the garam masala infused chocolate mousse, honey caramelised poached pears, cocoa soil, raspberry and mint confit, cardamom kulfi.  

The chocolate mousse was super rich (YUM), while the garam masala gave it a nice touch without being too overpowering. The richness of the mousse was complemented by the tartness of the raspberry confit and the creaminess of the cardamom kulfi. 

We also had one last cocktail to finish the evening, which was equally as beautifully decorated. It was actually a mocktail that'll join the menu very soon. It was apple juice, apple cider vinegar, seedlip, egg white and a hint of lemon. It was delicious - very different but enjoyable and refreshing, while the egg white made it super creamy and frothy.

Overall, we enjoyed this event so so much. Every time we've been to The Mint Room, we've been blown away by the level of culinary skill used to create their dishes. They have dishes that are so different to the usual curries you think of when you think of Indian food. They have managed to pair high-quality British ingredients with their Indian flair seamlessly, showcasing culinary innovation as while they do so. We would highly, HIGHLY recommend either a supper club or going to one of their restaurants for a meal. 

As usual, we were greeted and served with amazing hospitality. Humayan and the team at the Mint Room were wonderful hosts, really making sure that everyone enjoyed the evening. 

We look forward to seeing more of these supper club events pop up in future. It's a wonderful way to make everyone come together to enjoy truly stunning food. If you'd like to keep up to date with foodie events in and around Bath, make sure to sign up to our monthly newsletter - it's 100% free and we promise not to spam you! 💌

Disclaimer: Press invite - complimentary meal.