Lunch at The Botanist, Bath

Located inside Milsom Place, the Botanist is the perfect addition to Bath's bar scene. Everyone went crazy when it first opened. Already famous for its amazing cocktails, they recently launched a new food menu which we were excited to try. It's inspired by comforting food and flavours of home, including many winter warmers.

To start, we got the baked camembert πŸ§€ [£13.50]

This is the ideal starter for cheese lovers. The camembert came in a garlic and rosemary bread bowl which was accompanied by a sweet chutney. It was very creamy and nicely baked. The bread bowl was very fresh and perfect for dipping, while the chutney gave a nice sweet twist to the dish. Overall, it was very nicely served, delicious and perfect for sharing between two people.

For our mains, we tried their famous hanging kebabs. 

Crispy halloumi with garlic butter (we chose sweet potato fries) 🍠 [£11.95]

We really liked this dish. The halloumi was nicely grilled and the garlic butter marinade completed the taste. It was combined with yellow and red peppers as well as red onion; a perfect combination for the halloumi cheese. The sweet potato fries were very tasty and crunchy without being greasy. The dish was excellent. 

Five-spice duck with hoisin sauce (we chose chunky chips) πŸ– [£14.50]

The duck was nicely cooked, however it tasted a little dry. The hoisin sauce was excellent but the dish needed slightly more sauce. The red pepper and onions made the taste a little more intense which was a good thing as the duck flavour itself wasn't very strong. The chunky chips were very nice and 'plump', while being perfectly salted. 

For dessert, we went for the pudding platter 🍫 [£10.95]

The platter had a combination of different desserts including two ice cream sandwiches, four mini Nutella doughnuts, an apple and cherry fool and a Biscoff muffin. There were added mint leaves which gave a pleasant aroma and it came with a jar of white chocolate sauce for dipping. The presentation of the dish was very eye-catching. 

The ice cream sandwiches were filled with mint ice cream and colourful sprinkles, which were served between two waffles. The mint ice cream was refreshing and very tasty. We loved the waffles as well - they were very fluffy and were an interesting twist to the classic ice cream sandwich. 

The nutella doughnuts were warm and had a rich chocolate flavour. The doughnut dough was slightly sweet inside and the nutella was delicious and creamy (no need to convince anyone of that πŸ˜‰). 

The white chocolate sauce was ideal for the doughnuts. It had a nutty undertone and balanced the temperature of the doughnuts which were warm.

The Biscoff muffin came in a plant pot and was a very generous portion. It was composed of four layers - the upper and last layer were crunchy biscoff, and in the middle there was a soft muffin layer and a salted caramel icing layer. The icing was very sweet and tasty. The combination of the crunchiness of the biscoff and the sweet, soft icing was perfect.

The apple and cherry fool was accompanied by cotton candy. The dish was very light and we loved the fruity taste in combination with the yoghurt. The cotton candy added flavour as well as a fun, decorative twist to the dish.

We also tried two cocktails (how could we not?!)

Tiki Thyme (Sailor Jerry spiced rum, Gosling's black seal rum, pink grapefruit liqueur, banana syrup, fresh ginger, pineapple and lime juice) 🍹 [£6.95 - 25p is donated to the Tim Bacon Foundation that helps people living with cancer]

Served in a cool koala bear tiki style glass and garnished with fresh rosemary and grapefruit, it's a very tropical and fruit drink. The taste was amazing and although it's easy to drink, it's pleasantly strong. The pineapple juice was a perfect combination with the rum.

Raspberry Disaronno sour (Disaronno, raspberry liqueur, raspberry purΓ©e, pomegranate and lemon juice) 🍹 [£7.95]

Served in a plant pot glass and decorated with flowers and fresh thyme, this cocktail was sweet with floral undertones. It was very easy to drink and the Disaronno added a pleasant almond taste. It was served with dry ice and had a cool smoke effect!

Overall, the lunch was very good. We loved the baked camembert as it was both tasty and perfect for all. The cocktails were both great and served in a very unique way. The setting and appearance of the dishes was very impressive and interesting.

The Botanist also has a set lunch menu for £12.95 for two courses or £15.95 for three, which is a great budget-friendly option.

🌟 The Botanist has a very nice, aesthetic interior. It's full of plants and trees, giving it a natural vibe and there are two floors on which to enjoy your food or drinks. It's perfect for both small and big groups!

🀡🏻 Staff are very polite and service is fast, however they're not that attentive (for example, not asking how the food was or asking if we wanted any water etc.). 

πŸ• Dog-friendly

πŸ‘ΆπŸΌ  Family-friendly with a special kids menu, although kids aren't allowed in the bar area after 8pm on weekends.

πŸ’° ££

Disclaimer: Complimentary food and drinks.