Christmas Set Menu at Comptoir Libanais, Bath

As the festive season approaches, lots of you have been asking about special set menus in Bath. Comptoir Libanais is the go-to place in Bath for Lebanese food, and last week we got to try out their Christmas set menu. 

The menu is £24.95 per person and includes four mezze to share as well as a main and a dessert each. Here are our thoughts (for a review of their main menu, click here and here 👈🏼).

- Mezze ⁣-

Harissa Spiced Chicken Hommos 🌶

The hommos had a lovely creamy texture and was topped with spicy chicken bites (a bit too hot for us).⁣

Vine leaves 🌿 

These were stuffed with rice and pine nuts were very savoury. They could have been a bit juicier but overall we were happy with how they tasted. Even better when eaten with hommos!⁣

Lamb Samboussek 🍗

These delicious pastry parcels filled with minced lamb were perfectly seasoned and nicely fried. The garlic sauce on the side was incredible.⁣

Aubergine with Tahina 🍆 

Simple yet delicious! A perfectly cooked aubergine, with a melt-in-the-mouth texture, topped with tahina. There was a surprising mix of herbs and pomegranate seeds. Our favourite mezze.⁣
- Mains - 

Aubergine and Feta Shakshuka 🍆 

This had a great mix of flavours with the softness of aubergines, the spiciness of peppers, and the soothing taste of feta cheese. Not a very heavy dish and a good level of heat.⁣

Lamb Kofta with Rice & Tahina 🍗 

The lamb and rice were really well cooked and seasoned. Both were covered in tahina so make sure you like sesame or you definitely won't like this dish. The pomegranates added a nice burst of sweet freshness and texture to the meal.

- Desserts -

Rose Moubalabia 🌹

The traditional rosewater milk pudding from Lebanon with an interesting but yummy texture, quite similar to a Panna Cotta. Topped with crunchy pistachios and a savoury red berry compote which was good but not amazing - it was more like stewed fruit rather than the traditional compote. 

Chocolate cheesecake 🍫

A tasty chocolate dessert topped with pistachios and a bitter orange compote bringing a great balance to the cake's sweetness. That being said it was really dense and sugary, and we would have liked it more if the bottom was more crunchy.⁣

- Drinks -

Iced Fresh Rose Mint Tea 🌹 [£2.95]⁣

Refreshing iced tea with a slight taste of rose.
Roza Homemade Lemonade 🍋 [£2.95]⁣

A lemon and lime lemonade BUT with rose syrup! Sugary but highly recommended. We really liked this drink.
🌟 The menu is super filling with a great quality/quantity/price ratio. A great option for non-traditional Christmas meals!⁣
🤵🏻 Quick service.⁣
💰 ££

Disclaimer: PR invite - complimentary experience.