Lunch Set Menu at Dan Moon at The Gainsborough, Bath

We recently had the pleasure to visit the Gainsborough Bath Spa for lunch. The chef of the restaurant, Dan Mood, is critically acclaimed both locally and nationally and the restaurant has been awarded three AA Rosettes. Having tried it last year (review here 👈🏼), we were very excited to try the menu this year. 

The lunch menu has a choice of three appetizers, three main dishes and three desserts out of which someone can choose three courses [£38] or two courses [£29]. For large groups over six guests, there’s an option to share three courses between two people. 

Once we were seated, we were offered two glasses of champagne and an amazing selection of bread and butter. The parmesan roll was very soft and slightly salted. It was perfectly matched with the tomato and olive butter. The poppy-seed bread was equally good and had a more neutral taste. It was matched with black garlic butter, which had a strong flavour, thus resulting in a good balance of tastes when combined. The last one was a rosemary bread which was delicious and very fluffy. It was combined with a smooth salted butter. The bread was warm, fresh and all the different butters were very pure and tasty. 

Chicken Liver Parfait with miso apple sorbet, prune and nasturtium 🌿

The dish was amazing in both flavour and appearance. The taste was very refreshing and light. The chicken liver parfait was soft, smooth and delicious and was combined perfectly with the miso apple sorbet which gave it a tangy flavour. It was very unique, and honestly perfect. Our favourite dish (nasturtium is a kind of herb - those green leaves on top which added a peppery-ness to the overall flavour).

Sautéed Loch Duart Salmon with shellfish risotto, yuzu and seaweed 🐟

The salmon was delicious and perfectly cooked. The risotto was great, nicely seasoned and a perfect complement to the salmon. The dish was served with crackers on top, adding a nice crunchiness. Overall, the dish is delicious and perfect for seafood and fish lovers.

Roast Corn Fed Chicken with a Stornoway black pudding croquette, wild mushrooms and celeriac

The dish was nicely cooked and the chicken was very tender but could have used slightly more seasoning. The black pudding croquette was amazing, firm on the outside and then smooth inside with lots of flavour.

Curried Fillet of Sea Bream with creamy mash, coated with a crispy layer of black rice, cauliflower and parmesan

This was excellent! The sea bream was very soft and fresh and the mixed layer provided an amazing twist to the dish. The mashed potato was incredibly creamy, and overall we really enjoyed this dish.

Salted Caramel Crème Brûlée served with smooth chocolate tofu and banana ice cream 

This was very sweet, creamy and surprisingly light. The tofu was rich and velvety, kind of like a sticker version of a mousse. The fresh banana ice cream was ideal to accompany the dish. We would highly recommend this!

Orange posset served with cranberry sorbet and ginger & almond granola 

It’s  a bit of a healthier option, and was very light and fresh. The orange and cranberry notes added a pleasant citrus fruitiness to the dish. However, the granola could have been slightly crunchier.  

Overall, the lunch experience was amazing. The chicken liver parfait really amazed us, it was a delightful surprise. The menu contains different options suitable for every dietary requirement.  We would definitively recommend the Dan Moon at the Gainsborough bath Spa for lunch. 

🌟 The restaurant is ideal for both big and small groups. The place is very big, decorated with two large wine walls and a fireplace, which gave a nice Christmassy feeling. Generally, the ambience is to die for. It is very elegant, classy and cosy at the same time. The classical music fit the vibe of the restaurant perfectly.

🤵🏻 The service was excellent. The staff were very attentive, helpful and were very knowledgeable about the menu. They definitely made the experience even better. 

💰 £££

Disclaimer: PR invite - complimentary experience.