Pizza at The Smoking Chimney, Bath

Founded by a couple of Bath University students who liked making pizza in their spare time, Matt and Ryan decided to open their very own pizza place: The Smoking Chimney. Opening a couple of weeks ago, the architecture student duo focus on affordable sourdough pizza, served in the comfort of their very own garden.

As you walk up to their house on Coronation Avenue in the heart of Oldfield Park, you can smell the delicious aroma of the stone-baked pizza. When you get to the back of the house, you're given a warm welcome by the two students. 

The duo make the dough in house, including their sourdough starter mix which they make 19 hours in advance. 

There are always a couple of options to choose from, but for now they're all veggie (yay for the planet 🌍). We decided to go for a Margherita [£4] and their weekly special Shiitake mushroom pizza [£6]. 

Both were delicious. The dough was a little bit heavy, but was crisp and well-portioned. The pizza overall wasn't greasy in the slightest, the cheese was fresh and the shiitake mushrooms added a meaty texture to the pizzas.

The pair have big plans from providing delivery services to decorating the garden to make it a social space. You can really see the passion the two have to provide and create a community, and in the small time that we were there you could tell that they had created just that. Both students and local Bathonians were visiting them.

They're only open 6-9pm on Saturdays, so make sure you head down there this weekend to try out a couple of their pizzas!

🌟 It's located in a small, quiet garden which is perfect to visit with friends.

🤵🏻 Friendly guys!

🌿 All veggie options. No gluten-free dough available.

💰 £ (starting at £4 a pizza, you can't really go wrong)

Disclaimer: Complimentary food.