Vegan Lunch at The Cakery, Bath

The Cakery is a cute little independent vegetarian cafe in Widcombe. As the name would suggest, the Cakery has a lovely range of cakes to choose from - a little over a year ago we went to their first birthday and sampled loads of their different cakes which were all delicious, link here). 🎂

Ella, the owner, is a local baker from Bath. The cafe focuses on locally sourced ingredients and has lots of different vegan and gluten-free options. In honour of #veganuary, we were kindly invited to check out their vegan options. 🌱

Mediterranean vegetable tart (tomatoes, courgettes and aubergines with a tomato base) with salad 🍅 [£6.50]

The tart in itself was crisp and had a mixed herb seasoning through the pastry, like oregano and thyme, as well as a nice range of veggies. It was delicious and the salad that came with it was very generous (it's rare to get half an avocado with just a side salad!) Overall, it was a nice change to just having a sandwich for lunch.

Falafel, hummus & homemade coleslaw wrap 🌯 [£5.95]

This was really yummy and had lots of lovely fresh flavours. The falafels were substantial and the wrap had lots of hummus in it (yay). Once again, the side salad was really generous and great value.

Chocolate & raspberry cake 🍰 [£3.50]

This was just what you would expect from a chocolate cake. We normally wouldn't order a vegan & gluten-free cake, and to our surprise this wasn't grainy at all. It was rich and the raspberries mixed through worked really well, giving it a jammy taste. It wasn't as good as a traditional cake, but considering it didn't have any eggs, dairy or gluten we were pleasantly surprised.

For drinks we got a Turmeric & ginger kombucha [£2.45] and fizzy lemonade [£2.20], both of which were nice.

To finish, we had a couple of flat whites [£2.70]. Although there wasn't any latte art, the coffee tasted nice and was a great way to finish our lunch.

🌟 The Cakery has really cosy, sweet independent neighbourhood cafe vibes. Although it's a 100% vegetarian cafe, there is lots of variety on the menu so should be something for everyone. The food is really good quality, delicious and good value.

🤵🏻 The service was super friendly and fast, not only with us but with everyone in the cafe. The warmth of the staff really added to the lovely neighbourhood cafe vibe.

💰 £ - Actually *really* good value compared to most places in Bath. Delicious lunch food without a hefty price tag.

Disclaimer: PR invite - complimentary experience.