Vegan Sweet Treats at Creams, Bath

While Bath has a lot to offer in the way of restaurants, when it comes to dedicated sweet-treat establishments, there are only a handful of options. We have a few top-notch ice-cream places in our city, but nowhere that seems to offer such a huge variety of desserts as the newly opened Creams.

Creams opened their doors just before Christmas, and if you haven’t come across the new café (it’s on Avon Street, just off Kingsmead Square), you might have come across their mouth-watering Instagram page.

We were pleased to see that Creams had such an extensive vegan offering 🌱, we counted 11 different dessert options from the menu (as well as vegan milkshakes!), plus you can build your own vegan dessert if none of theirs take your fancy.

We kicked off proceedings with a coffee, while they only had one plant-based milk to offer (soy), the resulting flat white was actually delicious, unlike some soy milk we’ve tried in the past! Onto sweet things and we had the opportunity to try a whole range of the vegan dessert menu, including a crepe, a waffle, baked cookie dough, a sundae and a shake, and overall we were impressed with the range of options, with the quality of some dishes standing out more than others.

Vegan Chocolate Chunk Cookie Dough 🍪 [£5.95]

This baked cookie dough was one of our favourites. Huge chunks of warm cookie dough, served in a cast-iron pan, drizzled with chocolate sauce and served with melting chocolate sorbet. 

We were pleasantly surprised by the chocolate sorbet, which didn’t necessarily sound that appetising, but it was essentially ice cream, tasted good and had a creamy texture – the perfect companion for rich cookie dough. Looking back at the menu, this option is actually gluten-free as well as vegan – we have no idea how they managed this wizardry…

Vegan Mango Sundae 🥭 [£7.25]

Colourful, super fruity and definitely on the sweet side, this sorbet sundae was packed with various fruity things - mango and raspberry sorbets, fruit cocktail, mango sauce and caramel sauce. 

We liked the mango sorbet part best, however the fruit cocktail was made from tinned fruit, which was a bit too retro for our liking… it was disappointing to not have fresh fruits, particularly given the price.

Banana & Chocolate Crepe 🍌 [£5.95]

Overall, this classic combination of Banana & Chocolate was an alright dessert, the crepe itself was a little on the chewy side but the toppings of chocolate sauce and chopped nuts were good. Perhaps the lack of eggs/dairy was a bit too noticeable in this one?...

Vegan Berry Waffle 🍓 [£7.25]

This waffle was immense! And definitely another favourite. The presentation was great, a huge waffle covered in sliced strawberries with a huge drizzle of syrupy strawberry sauce and raspberry sorbet on the side. The waffle was freshly made, deliciously warm and super fluffy. 

We’d definitely recommend going for a vegan waffle over a crepe. The raspberry sorbet went well with it too.

Vegan Raspberry Milkshake 🥤[£4.95 - £5.50]

There are four vegan milkshakes to choose from, or you can choose your own sorbet to be blended with Soya milk. The raspberry shake was creamy-tasting, but the raspberry tasted a little too much like a flavouring.

Overall, our verdict was that Creams have a really varied vegan offering. The portions are all huge and we thought it was great that all of the desserts had lots of vegan components, like extra sauces and toppings, which meant that being plant-based didn’t mean missing out.

The overall feel of the café is perhaps suited most to a younger audience and families. It seemed to be popular with teenagers and it’s near the cinema so could be the cherry on top of a fun day out. 

If you’ve got a sweet-tooth, it’s worth checking out - we would definitely go back for a waffle or a baked cookie dough, but would probably give the crepes a miss. The chocolate sorbet is really good, we bet the vegan chocolate sundae is pretty great too.

🌟Inside the café, the décor is bold and colourful, without verging on the OTT. It combines the atmosphere of an American diner/ice cream parlour with a modern industrial feel, with dining booths, quirky lighting, pops of colour, exposed brickwork and steel cladded walls.

🤵🏻 Friendly staff! 

💰 ££

Disclaimer: PR invite - complimentary experience.