Veganuary at Comptoir Libanais, Bath

By now, it will be no secret to you that Comptoir Libanais serves great Lebanese food at a reasonable price here in Bath. What you might not know, is that they actually have lots of vegan dishes on offer which is perfect if you're doing #veganuary 🌱, are vegan or just fancy something plant-based. It's also a great option if you're looking for somewhere to eat which caters to both meat-eaters and veggies without compromising on taste for either group of people.

We've been to the chain multiple times, but this time we were invited back to check out their vegan menu offering, including some exclusive plant-based dishes which are only available until 31 January (we'll let you know which ones they are - don't worry)!

We decided to order a couple of different mezze items to start and then go for a classic tagine as a main.

Baked aubergine with pomegranate seeds, red chilli, fresh mint and coriander topped with a pistachio and molasses dressing 🍆 [£5.25 - available until 31 January 2020]

This was absolutely incredible and definitely one of our favourite dishes. The aubergine was baked to perfection and really soft, while the pistachio & molasses dressing was salty, sweet and tangy. The pomegranate seeds added a nice crunch and burst of sweet freshness and overall it was an excellent dish.

The dressing was so good that we mopped it up with some of the flatbread that we got with the other dishes. It was definitely a 10/10 - please, Comptoir Libanais, make this part of your permanent menu!

Hummus and Falafel with Harissa Sauce [£4.95 - available until 31 January 2020]

The hummus was smooth and rich, and the harissa sauce (hot chilli pepper paste) added a nice kick to it. There was only one falafel which we weren't expecting, but to be fair the menu did say "falafel" singular - it was big & tasty without being dry in the slightest. 

The dish was topped with parsley, extra virgin olive oil and pickled turnips which we weren't massive fans of just because they're quite vinegary. The pink colour added a beautiful tone to the dish though.

Baba ghanouj (or ghanoush/ganoush, however you want to spell it) 🍆 [£5.25]

You've probably heard of baba ghanouj before, but it's essentially a smoked aubergine purée with tahini (sesame paste), garlic & lemon juice. This was absolutely incredible.

It was smokey, zingy and all-around delicious, topped with the same lovely pomegranate seeds that we love. Thankfully, this one is part of the permanent menu. We would highly, highly recommend getting this. It's pictured in the photo above at the back.

Hummus ✨ (where is the hummus emoji please?) [£5.25]

We got an extra hummus because we loved it so much. Smooth, rich chickpea puree with tahini and lemon juice; what’s not to love?! We really liked how it was topped with some fresh olive oil and chickpeas to give a nice range of textures to the dish.

Fattoush 🥗 [£5.95]

This is a Lebanese village salad (according to the menu), with sumac & olive oil pita crisps and a pomegranate molasses dressing. 

It was a nice, simple & large salad filled with cucumber and tomatoes. The pita chips gave a nice crunch to it but overall there wasn't anything too special about it; just a good side to get some greens and freshness in. 

That bowl of lovely flatbreads came because of the hummus & baba ghanouj and it was lovely. 

Moving onto mains, we decided to just go for one and share as we had had so many 'mezze' starters. 

Aubergine Tagine 🍆 [£11.45]

Another delicious aubergine dish with tomatoes, peppers, onions and chickpeas. We removed to mint yoghurt sauce to make it vegan and it was so incredibly moreish. 

You can choose to either have the tagines with vermicelli rice, quinoa or couscous. We went for the couscous as the rice isn't vegan (they add butter to it apparently) and we would *definitely* recommend getting couscous. It's so delicious and fluffy and complemented the vegetables so nicely. 

Writing this a day later, I'm tempted to go back today just to get it again. Definitely recommended.

As a dessert, there was only one vegan option on the menu. 
Orange & almond cake with an orange & sultana marmalade 🍊 [£5.50]

We weren’t massive fans ourselves (because we’re not too keen on almond or orange cakes), but it was nice and moist. If you do like almond/marzipan flavours as well as orange ones, you'll probably like this. Warning: it's very sticky!

We also had a couple of cocktails while we were there which we absolutely loved. We started with a Rum & Rose Daiquiri and the Comptoir Cosmo. 

The Rum & Rose Daiquiri was a frozen blend of rum, lemon juice & rose syrup, served in a martini glass. This was delicious, although quite difficult to drink as the frozen bits were spilling over the edge and we kept getting rose petals in our mouth lol. Oops. [£8.50 - left]

The Comptoir Cosmo was pomegranate juice shaken with vodka, lemon juice & orange liqueur. We liked this one so much that we ended up ordering another one of it too. A great twist on the classic cosmo. [£8.50 - right]

We then went for another Comptoir Cosmo and a Mojito Twist.

The Mojito Twist consisted of Captain Morgan rum, Cointreau and soda with muddled mint & lime over crushed ice topped with pomegranate juice. We absolutely love mojitos so it was nice to see a twist of one on the menu. This was nice and refreshing, but the granules of sugar were quite big. [£8.95] 

⁣⁣To finish (at this point we were literally so stuffed), we decided to just get a mint tea to share. We've had the fresh rose mint tea before which is really nice, but it has green tea in it aka caffeine central. It was getting late and we had to be up early for work tomorrow so decided to skip that one.

The mint tea was also served in a silver teapot and was the perfect end to our meal. Mint tea is great for digestion so it was the perfect end. [£1.95]

Overall, we loved our vegan experience at Comptoir Libanais. Definitely don't be put off by the fact that it's a chain - it's got great food (the baba ghanouj, hummus, baked aubergine and aubergine tagine are 100% must-orders) at a reasonable price!

🌟 The interiors are really beautiful and colourful. They bring you straight to the Lebanese bazaar with all the lights.

🤵🏻 Very friendly & helpful staff.⁣⁣

🌿 Lots of choice for gluten-free, veggie and vegan dishes.
💰 ££

Disclaimer: PR invite - complimentary experience.