Dinner at Joya Italian Steakhouse, Bath

Many of you will remember Joya as another Italian restaurant in Bath, but with a new lick of paint and menus, it’s transformed itself into a sleek, stylish new steakhouse, offering a unique hot stone experience. Staying true to their roots, they also have a large choice of pasta, as well as vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options. Cook your own steak to your heart's desire, choosing from a range of four different cuts. 

To start, we went for a classic focaccia 🍞 [£2.95]

This was absolutely incredible! Nice and salted, just the way we like it & even better when dipped in olive oil and vinegar. 

We also got the beef fillet carpaccio served with rocket & parmesan 🧀 [£8.95]

The fresh meat was thinly sliced and the parmesan cheese was sharp and delicious. The rocket added a lovely nutty texture to the dish and we loved the olive oil drizzled on top.

8oz Flat Iron steak 🥩 [£19.95]

The steak is served blue for you to cook in your own style on a hot stone, offering a unique and fun experience. The flat iron cut was rich in flavour due to its exquisite marbling. 

It's served with your choice of salt, butter and sauce as well as a potato side (fries, chunky chips or potatoes). We went for Himalayan salt which we wouldn't recommend as the salt granules were slightly too big. The béarnaise sauce was simple yet yummy and the gorgonzola sauce was absolutely incredible. We would go back just for this sauce. As for the butter, we went for the truffle and garlic & parsley butter which were both great. 

This is a great experience for sure and it's cool how you can tailor the experience to your own taste. 

For dessert, we went for the tiramisu 🍫  [£5.95]

The classic Italian dessert was very smooth with a rich coffee flavour. A great way to finish the meal. 

Moretti beer half-pint 🍺 [£2.95]

🌟 The new space is stylish, sleek and overall has great, cosy vibes. It's much nicer than the old space that they had which looked slightly tired and outdated. 

🤵🏻 The staff are really lovely, and we look forward to going back!

💰 ££

Disclaimer: PR invite - complimentary experience.