Takeaway Lunch at Goulash, Bath

Green Park Station has always had a great range of takeaway food stalls and Goulash is no exception. Opened by the guys who used to have The Good Egg, they've transformed the place into a goulash stall. As we walked into Green Park Station, we could smell the delicious food and were super excited to try it out. 

Some of you may be wondering what goulash is. It's a traditional Hungarian stew that usually contains meat and other vegetables, seasoned with paprika. The guys at Goulash have taken a traditional dish and given it a modern spin. They offer chicken, beef and vegan options, served with either pita, bao buns, rice, mashed potatoes, wraps or Hirata Buns. 

We first tried the chicken co-main 🍗 [£6]

This was free-range, home-cooked & locally sourced chicken with a side of rice. The meat was cooked with fresh celery, aubergine, carrots and courgettes, a tasty and healthy addition to the plate. It was spiced with natural paprika, which added a pleasant fiery kick. 

The spicy taste was balanced with nicely-cooked rice and creamy, delicious sour cream. They also provide extra fresh paprika, for any of you spice lovers.  The dish was so flavoursome, hearty and comforting and the rich meaty flavour and paprika spice worked perfectly together. 

Beef co-wrap in a pita with salad 🌯 [£5]

This was zestier and a different version from the traditional stew, but still very tasty and appetising. The beef goulash was rich, juicy and spicy served inside a delicious pitta bread, with fresh lettuce. It was accompanied by a small leaf salad. This was a healthier and lighter yet still delicious option. 

Veggie goulash served with potatoes 🥔 [£5 if you get it in a pitta or wrap, £6 if you get it as a main; they just gave us a bit to try, when properly ordered it’s a bigger portion]

This had the exact same veggies in it as the meat goulash, just minus the meat! It tasted equally as good and the potatoes were perfectly cooked. The veggie were so fresh & juicy and combined with the tomato sauce & paprika in the stew, resulted in a very tasty dish. 

Goulash have partnered with Wolf Wine, offering a Goulash meal and a glass of wine for £8 daily from 5-7 p.m. We were offered a glass of Refosco Wine, a light fruity, Italian red wine, that matched the meat perfectly. We'd highly recommend this & it's great value for money! We would definitely recommend Goulash for lunch or a late afternoon meal, with wine.

🌟 The place is relaxed and welcoming. Although it's inside the Green Park Station Market, it wasn't very cold, we would recommend a jacket especially during the winter months however! 

🤵🏻 The staff were enthusiastic, friendly and chatty. They made the experience even better by providing us with so much information about the stall and the dish. It was clear that they are committed and passionate about their business. 

💰 £

Disclaimer: PR invite - complimentary experience.