Wine & Tapas at Beckford Bottle Shop, Bath

Beckford Bottle Shop is a wine shop and restaurant, serving over 250 bottles of delicious wine from around the world, food and brunch. Anyone who’s followed us for a while knows that it’s one of our Bath favourites, and this visit was no different. Click here for another review of their dinner & here for a review of their Sunday brunch

We started with a glass of the Prosecco Extra Dry Superiore Carpenè Malvolti (Valdobbiadene, Italy) 🥂and got settled into the cosy sofas [£7]. 

Chalk stream trout with horseradish & dill 🐟 [£8] 

The fish was super fresh and the sharp & potent horseradish was well-balanced with the crème fraîche and dill. 7/10. 

Grilled rump steak with chipotle butter 🥩 [£9.75]

This was an exquisite piece of steak which was very tender and served rare. The chipotle butter added a lovely spicy creaminess to the soft meat that was super moreish. 9/10. 

We got a few more glasses of wine, one Godello, Finca OS Cobatos (Galicia, Spain) [£7.25] and one Menetou-Salon, Domaines Minchin (Loire, France) [£9.50]. 

Courgette fritti with aioli 🥒  [£5.75]

This is one of BBS’ bestsellers and it’s not hard to see why. The fried courgettes were melty and soft in the middle whilst crunchy on the outside. They were perfectly fried & the aioli it was served with was deliciously garlicky. While most of the plates are seasonal, this one is available year-round as it’s so popular. 9/10.

Once again, the food was excellent and really innovative & unique. The courgette fritti and the steak were our favourites and we would highly recommend them. 

🌟 You have different seating areas (from more ‘formal’ restaurant tables to more casual sofa areas for charcuterie boards and wine) and private dining rooms. 

🤵🏻 The lovely staff recommended a few wines for us which we enjoyed a lot. Not only are they very kind and welcoming, but they also have an immense knowledge of both the food menu and great wine pairings. 

💰 £££

Disclaimer: PR invite - complimentary experience.