Breakfast at Cafe by FLY, Bath

Nestled in FLY fitness, this café is perfect for anyone who has just been to, or is about to go to a class. They offer lots of healthy and protein-packed dishes to compliment your workout, as well as the usual staples such as coffee and avocado on toast. 

With lots of healthy options, this definitely caters to those looking for a lighter breakfast choice, which is well-suited for a weekday, or pre-workout, when you don't want to feel overly full for the rest of the morning. They offer plenty of shakes and smoothies, in addition to smoothie bowls, which sets them apart from other cafés in Bath.

Protein pancakes with banana, blueberry, strawberry, honey, coconut & nut butter 🥞 [£5.50]

These were so beautifully plated, in a neat stack and surrounded by all the yummy toppings. We noted that even the nut butter had been prettily added to the side, an ingredient which is not easy to present. They certainly lived up to expectations in flavour, being on the denser side and loaded with cinnamon for natural sweetness. 

Toasted sourdough with smashed avocado, lemon, chilli flakes & rocket (with an added poached egg) 🥑  [£5.95, £4.95 without the egg] 

This came under a generous serving of rocket, which gave the dish a lighter, nutritious feel. The avocado was thickly spread, which we love, and the egg perfectly poached. A classic dish with a green twist done well. 

Turmeric latte with almond milk ☕ [£3]

This was beautiful and tasted delicious too. Turmeric lattes can often be bitter, but this one was sweet, blended with cinnamon and had slight hints of liquorice which made it a little different. 

Flat white ☕ [£2.80] 

A great, classic coffee. [£2.80]

Lunch options are also along the same lines, with salads and wraps forming the main part of the menu. What's particularly great about this café is that it opens at 6am, along with the gym, so it's a perfect option for any early birds as well.

Their signature dishes for breakfast are the protein pancakes which we would recommend and their smoothie bowls. We will have to go back to try those out when it's a little warmer as we just couldn't bring ourselves to order one on a cold morning! 

🌟 There is lots of seating which gives it a café-feel as opposed to a quick takeaway stop for the busy gym-goers. They offer wifi and plugs so it can be used as a work station too, further drawing on the cosy atmosphere encouraging you to sit and stay. 

🤵🏻 The team were super welcoming and friendly, and very personable. It's a strange atmosphere at the moment but being here felt like a cocoon of normality and they appeared to be doing all they could to assure customers and continue business as usual. 

💰 £

Disclaimer: PR invite - complimentary meal.