Lunch & Dinner Delivery by True Zest, Bath

True Zest is a new delivery service in Bath which just launched today! It focuses on good quality & (mostly) healthy food. Created by a local couple both involved in the Bath food scene, they have created a great business and delicious menu to meet everyone's needs. Their menu (found here) is small but uses local & seasonal ingredients to cater to normal, veggie, vegan & gluten-free diets. 

The lovely owners delivered 90% of the menu to us to try (the only thing that we didn't try were the olives). We were blown away with the level of taste in every dish, and would highly recommend this to everyone who is social distancing (they have a no-contact delivery service - more of that below). 

The food looked delicious and was extremely attractive. Really colourful and vibrant, we could not wait to tuck in and try it all straightaway. 


Za'atar hummus - chickpea hummus finished with za'atar, cumin & olive oil (vegan & gf) πŸ₯„ [£2.50]

This was very tasty and we loved the cumin seeds, which added a bit of crunch and additional flavour. Whilst we love hummus, it can sometimes become a bit 'samey' so it was nice to have something which was slightly different without straying too far from the original that we all love. It definitely tasted home-made as well. 

Cheese puffs - pastry puffs covered with smoked Westcombe cheddar πŸ§€ [£2.50]

These were nice and served as a carby side, ideal for those looking for a little more substance in their meals. We loved that they were created with a local cheese.

Honey & mustard glazed chipolatas (gf) 🍯 [£3]

These were so moreish and that's coming from someone who is not a massive fan of sausages in general! The honey-mustard glaze was super tasty, the perfect combination of sharp and sweet, which paired wonderfully with the saltiness and richness of the sausages, which come from Larkhall Butchers. 


Broccoli, spinach, harissa & almond yoghurt (vegan & gf) πŸ₯¦ [£8.50]

This was perhaps the most flavoursome of the salads, owing to its spiciness. The broccoli was cooked al dente and the spinach was not overpowered by the dressing, since this was almond as opposed to cow's milk-based, and therefore much lighter in both flavour and texture. The harissa was nice and strong. 9/10. 

Roasted sweet potato, avocado, quinoa, heritage tomatoes with a lime dressing πŸ₯‘ (vegan & gf) [£8.50]

The dressing of this salad was more subtle, really allowing the taste of the heritage tomatoes and avocado to come through. The heritage tomatoes were the star here, fresh and juicy, thus packed with flavour as well as being beautiful to look at. The avocado provided a lovely creaminess and the roasted sweet potato was nice and soft and gave the salad a more substantial feel on the whole. 8/10.

Smoked mackerel, beetroots & kale with a buttermilk and horseradish dressing (gf) 🐟 [£8.50]

This was packed with flavour. The buttermilk was surprisingly light, and the sharpness of the horseradish contrasted perfectly with the sweetness of the beetroot and the salty mackerel. The beetroot was cut in large chunks, and the mackerel was also generously served. 9/10. 

Grilled chicken breast, butternut squash, mozzarella & wild garlic (gf) πŸ₯— [£8.50]

Absolutely delicious! This was probably our favourite. We love all of these ingredients anyway so the combination of them all, drizzled in copious amounts of herby, garlicky dressing was truly divine. The chicken was juicy, the mozzarella fresh and creamy, the butternut squash sweet and wholesome. Along with the mackerel salad, it was the most substantial. 10/10. 


Banana & white chocolate muffin with cherries (veggie) 🧁 [£2.50]

This was really good. Not too sweet and very moist with small pieces of white chocolate which melted in your mouth.

Fruit salad - pineapple, mango, grapes, kiwi, apple & pomegranate dressed in lime & mint 🍍 [£3.50]

This was really nice too! It had a decent amount with a versatile selection of exotic fruit. We loved the lime & mint dressing which complemented it really well and was a little different. 

Visually appealing and healthy, nutritious meals that left us feeling satisfied and energised. The portions were generous and filling - especially the mackerel salad and chicken salad - but were not carb-heavy and did not lead to that sluggish, overly-full feeling we often associate with take-aways.

The abundance of fresh vegetables and locally-sourced produce meant this felt like a responsible option too - no guilty conscience here! In addition, these items are all to be eaten at room temperature so there was no worry about it getting cold during transit, nor did the delivery affect the taste in any way. 

We did not order any drinks but they offer Heyday matΓ©, a sparkling yerba matΓ© soda, if you fancy a refreshing drink to go with your meal. 

🚚 Delivered by the chef himself straight to our door, we could not have asked for anything more. The items came in recyclable brown paper pots which not only meant they were well protected, but also environmentally friendly which is a major plus, especially if you are ordering multiple items and don't want to end up with loads of waste. The team had popped in a lovely handwritten card thanking us for the order which was a sweet personal touch. 

To order, simply place your order by 11am for lunch or 5pm for dinner (Bath only for now, but they will expand in the future). True Zest operates a no-contact delivery service and will place your items outside your door, ring the doorbell and take a few steps. They also santise their hands before and after every delivery. You can find more of their delivery info here

πŸ’° £-££. Good value for money as it is clear the ingredients are good quality and well-prepared. 

Disclaimer: PR - gifted items.