Takeaway Dinner from Joya Italian Steakhouse, Bath

Joya had a facelift a couple of months ago, transforming itself into an Italian Steakhouse (review here). Fortunately, Joya are still providing a  delivery and takeaway service for anyone who is looking for nicer restaurant-quality food. 

We were so glad to hear that they were open and were even more excited when they asked us if we wanted to do a review of their takeaway offering. Date night, coronavirus style 🦠. 

Focaccia 🍞 [£2.95]

This was beautifully doughy with a good amount of sea salt and rosemary, just as it should be! 

Pollo (free-range char-grilled chicken breast) 🍗 [£16.95]

This was wonderfully grilled and had a great smoky flavour. We chose to have this with house potatoes which were soft with a slight crunch. 

Pan-fried salmon fillet (with seasonal vegetables) 🐟 [£18.95]

The salmon had beautiful, crispy skin on it and was a good-sized, tender fillet. We loved the bed of carrots, beans and turnips which made this a lovely healthy, homey delivery option. There was a nice wedge of seared lemon which complemented the salmon perfectly. 

Halloumi fries 🧀  [£4.50]

These were soft, tender and not too salty or greasy. 

Baked cheesecake 🍰 [£5.95]

This had a thick, smooth texture which was lovely, the fruit was on the sweeter and not tarter side, however. You could choose to either have cream or ice cream. 

Sticky toffee pudding served with salted caramel sauce 🥄 [£5.95] 

This was sweet, indulgent, moist and dense. The syrup had a date undertone which we liked. We probably preferred this one over the cheesecake, but both were good. 

🌟 The presentation of everything was very good and this is a great option for those who want a bit nicer restaurant food delivered to them. Being an Italian restaurant, they also have a range of pasta available (which some of you may be craving if you haven’t had a chance to get some from the supermarket), salads and steaks.

🚐 Everything that was supposed to be hot arrived so, and was well-served in the boxes. The only thing that looked a little worse for wear was the sticky toffee pudding (hence the limited photos), but it was yummy nevertheless. All packaging was recyclable and it arrived perfectly on time. You can order on Deliveroo (click here) or directly from Joya. 

💰 ££

Disclaimer: PR invite - gifted experience.