Takeaway Dinner from Magu Diner, Bath

As one of Bath’s favourite burger joints, it's no surprise that they've stayed open to still provide takeout services to the people of Bath. We've reviewed them before (click here to read 👈🏼), but this time we got to try a few different items on their menu as well as their vegan burger! 

Takeaway Dinner from Goulash, Bath

Goulash brings to you homemade street food made with love. They prepare meals fresh daily, using consciously-sourced ingredients, including locally-sourced meat, organic beef, free-range chicken and even some vegan options. They also have frozen meals ready for you to store away for another evening which could be a great option for those wanting to stock up on food or for the vulnerable & elderly. 

Focusing on the traditional Hungarian stew, the guys have come up with creative ways to incorporate goulash into standard as well as unique dishes, even including the popular Chinese bao buns! We've reviewed Goulash before (link here 👈🏼), but this time got the food via Deliveroo.