Dinner at The Ivy Bath Brasserie, Bath

The Ivy is renowned for its opulent, lavish decor and the Bath branch definitely doesn't disappoint. The high ceilings, large windows, velvet chairs and chandeliers all exude an allure of opulence. Filled with plants and vibrant, rich colours, the main room feels exotic and transports you to a far-away place. The bright lights add to the magical feel, making this a really special place that is perfect for celebrating special occasions.

This time we were kindly invited to The Ivy to try their dishes now that they have reopened post-lockdown. The service was outstanding. Upon arrival, we were warmly welcomed by their front of house who ensured we had our temperature taken using their thermal heat detection camera prior to entering the restaurant. This was super quick and non-invasive. She also showed us the dispenser of hand sanitiser and informed us that there would be a small bottle on every table, before walking us to our table and handing us over to our server. We thought that these coronavirus measures were really great.

Jackfruit and peanut bang bang salad 🥜 [£7.95]

Pretty spicy and packed with flavour, this salad was really interesting and unique. The jackfruit itself was generously marinated and extremely meat-like in texture. Lots of the components, such as the peanuts, Chinese leaf, mooli and crispy wontons provided a lot of crunch and thus contrasted nicely with the tenderness of the jackfruit. We especially loved the crispy wontons which were generously sprinkled on top and really completed the dish. 

Crispy duck salad 🥗 [£7.95]

This looked beautiful and tasted equally wonderful. All the spices were mellow and well-balanced and the five-spice in the dressing was distinctive and warm. The duck was perfectly cooked: crispy on the outside, yet succulent and juicy in the centre. Initially, we were curious about the inclusion of watermelon but it worked so well and offered a refreshing element which complemented the spices. Again, there was lots of crunch coming from the mooli, toasted cashews, beansprouts and sesame seeds, making the textures varied and exciting. 

Moving onto mains, we both decided to go for curries.

Monkfish and prawn curry 🦐  [£18.95]

This was extremely flavoursome - the sauce was lovely and creamy and the spices were well-balanced. Both the monkfish and prawns were very fresh and meaty, and came in good quantity. We especially loved the inclusion of semi-dried tomatoes, which were wonderfully sweet and juicy (and kind of addictive!). The shaved coconut and sweet potato crisps were another great addition, providing a little bit of crunch as well as further sweetness. A lovely curry which, despite the rich sauce, was not too heavy thanks to the lightness of the fresh fish.

Duck Keralan curry (special) 🥘 [£18.95]

Also drawn from Keralan-inspiration, the base of this curry was very similar to the Monkfish and prawn one. As to be expected, the duck was heavier than the fish and prawns but paired equally well with the rich sauce. Along with the duck pieces, which were wonderfully tender and good sized, the semi-dried tomatoes were once again our favourite element. 

Sprouting broccoli, lemon oil and sea salt 🥦 [£4.25]

This side-dish paired really nicely with the curries and was large enough to share between two people. The broccoli was perfectly cooked - crisp and tender - and use of lemon oil as well as zest served to really bring out the citrus notes. We appreciated this as we sometimes find that the zest alone can get a little lost. The large flakes of salt further enhanced the flavours and brought everything together. 

Mini salted caramel chocolate truffles 🍫  [£3.50]

These were so small and dainty, yet immensely flavourful and moreish. The chocolate shell was thick and crunchy, which contrasted well with the smooth, silky caramel centre. The salt was evident but not too strong. We had three each which we thought was a generous portion since these were extremely high quality and tasted really indulgent, as well as being quite rich.

In terms of service, it was outstanding. Throughout the evening, we interacted with several team members and all were extremely attentive, professional and pleasant. The waiters worked together harmoniously and had clearly communicated with one another to ensure a seamless experience. All safety measures were in place and followed to a high standard

We loved every minute of our experience and cannot wait to visit again. This is not really an 'everyday' restaurant so we definitely recommend it for special occasions.

💰 ££-£££

Disclaimer: PR invite - complimentary experience.