Field Doctor: Nutritionally Supercharged (and Delicious) Frozen Meals

Field Doctor is a new company based in Bath which makes naturally healthy, 'nutritionally supercharged' frozen meals. Marrying science with taste, the team behind Field Doctor have put an extensive amount of research, time and thought into these meals to ensure that each and every one is as nutrient-rich as possible. 

Drawing inspiration from the Mediterranean diet, their meals are packed with plant-based ingredients, healthy fats and are a high source of fibre. Taking the environment into account, their cooking methods focus on low waste, all their fish is sustainable and they only use organic meat. 

Their environmental impact is an aspect they are conscious of and intend to continuously improve upon as the business grows and develops. Their meals are wonderfully colourful, capture flavours from all around the world and look and sound absolutely delicious. We could not wait to try them. 

Malaysian Tofu Curry with green beans, asparagus, mushrooms & wholewheat noodles 🍛 

This was the first one we tried as we thought it sounded amazing and it certainly lived up to our (high) expectations. The coconut sauce was rich and creamy as well as exploding with flavour. It perfectly complemented the extensive array of vegetables which were crisp and fresh in taste, upholding their own flavour against the fragrant sauce. The tofu was tasty and in good-sized chunks and quantity. We especially loved the addition of asparagus since it's not often featured in curries and we thought it worked really well. 

Beef & Quinoa meatballs with a casserole of red peppers, kale, butternut, sweet potato, fennel, brazil nuts & broad beans with a sprinkle of pecorino cheese ✨ (not pictured)

These were also very good. We were astounded by how much had been packed into these meatballs, giving them a great texture and forming a very satisfying, filling meal. The meatballs were pretty large and had a lovely soft, light texture due to the wheatgerm and quinoa. They sat on a vegetable sauce which again, was flavoursome, and contained kidney beans for different textures, nutrients and satiation. What we liked about this particular dish was that it stands wonderfully on its own, or could easily be paired with more vegetables depending on your appetite. 

Chicken Jalfrezi with red peppers, tomatoes, green beans, cashews & cardamom rice 🍛

This had so much going on in terms of flavour and ingredients. We really liked the fact the chicken was cut into small pieces so they were part of the curry, alongside the vegetables, instead of being the main feature of the dish. It was so abundant that we were able to identify new spices and ingredients with every bite we tasted. Another yummy dish! 

British Fish Pie with salmon & hake, spinach, white bean bechamel & sweet potato mash 🐟

We were especially excited to try this as we are not huge fans of regular fish pie, finding it too rich. In our opinion, the Field Doctor version is much better. Swapping the mashed potato for a mix of butternut squash, sweet potato and carrots immediately reduced the richness and upped the flavour as well as nutritional content. The pie-filling was really lemony and flavoursome, with large chunks of both salmon and hake. The crumbled walnuts on top provided a nice crunch, introducing new textures. We thought it was super tasty and filling and can't wait to order it again. 

We loved these meals so much that we immediately placed another order (using our own money). We are big fans of this company and are definitely going to be regular consumers of their products. For us, they're great to keep in the freezer for the evenings where you come home late from work and realise there's nothing in the fridge to just end up either spending money on a (probably unhealthy) deliveroo or eating plain pasta (lol - we've all been there). 

When ordering, you can even specify your dietary requirements (e.g. "I eat anything/dairy-free/vegan" etc.) and can pick up to three health claims that you'd like to work on e.g. to help your heart, muscles, immunity, energy, gut etc. Once you have put this in (takes less than 30 seconds), you can see which meals meet your requirements - it's great! Click here to do it yourself

When your order comes, you'll see that each package clearly states the ingredients, vitamins and the things it's best for e.g. eye health.

🚚 This could not be simpler: order any meals that take your fancy online and have them delivered straight to your door by a friendly member of the Field Doctor team. The delivery date depends on your postcode. To see what day yours will be, use the special postcode search bar on the homepage of their website. They currently only operate locally but will be expanding to nation-wide delivery at the end of the year. All packaging is completely recyclable and there is not much: a cardboard sleeve and box and a plastic cover. To order, click here. Use the code "fdbatheats10" for £10 off your first order! 

Note: All items come frozen so be sure to have enough space in your freezer for them!

💰 £-££. x1 portion @ £6.75, x2 portions @ £9.99. For a nutritiously-rich meal made with high-quality ingredients, these are good value. Even more so if you get the larger portion (two servings). Use the code "fdbatheats10" for £10 off your first order! 

Disclaimer: PR product - complimentary.