Lunch at Taka Taka, Bath

Taka Taka is a firm favourite when it comes to takeaway food in Bath. In fact, you might not be a true Bathonian until you’ve devoured one of their wraps after a night out. But as you may well know, this isn’t your average kebab shop! 

Based in locations across Bristol and in their Broad Street site in Bath, Taka Taka has a focus on high-quality Greek food. Their Bath store has a huge range of deli products too and we discovered that Taka Taka is virtually open for the entirety of the year, only closing on a handful of holidays, and serving their Greek delights until the early hours of the morning. 

They’ve revamped their menu, with a good range of veggie options as well as those meaty classics. Here's what we tried.

Lamb souvlaki 🌯 [£5.45]

This is now a permanent option on the menu and it was gooooood. Souvlaki consists of grilled meat and veggies, wrapped up in a fluffy pita with chips and crunchy salad. At Taka Taka, all of the Souvlaki meat is grilled to order and the juicy and perfectly seasoned pieces of lamb were a total winner. 

Other wrapped up options include Gyros wraps and magic rolls (loads of delicious looking options of these), and are perfect for gobbling up as you walk. Although there is some seating in the Bath branch if you’d rather sit, which will be open to the public soon. 

Halloumi Superfood salad 🧀 [£5.50]

This came with huge grilled pieces of halloumi and toasted pita bread, all served on top of a bed of salad and couscous, topped with a scrummy balsamic dressing. This alone would make an awesome takeaway lunch – grab one of these and pop to the park with a sunny Bath backdrop for the ideal summer lunch break!

There are plenty of sides, as well as desserts too. We’ve tried their Halloumi fries before and we’re big fans of those, mostly because they are HUGE! Their roast potatoes are also really tasty – not sure what they do to them to make them so good, but they make a great alternative to chips.

We’ve never been disappointed by what Taka Taka has to offer, they are friendly and happy to help with any questions about the menu. Their hygiene seemed top-notch and they have social distancing measures in place. 

All in all, if you know, you know, and if you don’t know, you have to try!

💰 £

Disclaimer: PR invite - complimentary experience.