Zero-Waste, Plastic-Free Shopping at Scoop Wholefoods, Bath

Scoop Wholefoods has hundred of zero-waste, natural & organic whole foods on offer. All of their products are free from single-use plastic and they have the largest selection of zero-waste products in the UK right here in Bath! 🤩

They have lots of different refillable products (you can either use recyclable brown paper bags, or buy one of their jars which you can reuse again & again) including oils, vinegars, kombucha on tap, nut butters, pasta, grains etc. (They also have a range of zero-waste products such as metal spoons, recycled toilet paper etc.) Our personal favourite was their raw cacao covered hazelnuts which are like heaven in a bite. 😋

Best of all - all of their products are ethically sourced as locally as possible - we even spotted a few products from Bath! 

The shopping experience is simple: grab a bag/use one of your jars, choose whichever product you want, scoop as much as you want and it’ll be weighed and priced at the till. All of the products helpfully have nutritional information and approximate grams per scoop so you can keep track of what you’re spending. 

Usually lots of people assume that a shop like this would be more expensive than a supermarket, however they have great competitive prices. For example, their herbs & spices are over 200% cheaper than supermarkets! Not to mention the fact that they’re a much more sustainable option which also helps to support local businesses.

It’s around a 20 minute walk from the city centre, however they have free parking around the back for up to 3 hours so it’s accessible for lots of people! 

P.S. You have to sanitise your hands before & they’re continuously cleaning the shop, so everything’s clean!

💰 £

Disclaimer: We were given a £25 voucher to use in-store in exchange for social media coverage. Ad Gifted.