Dinner at The Hare & Hounds

The Hare & Hounds is a great pub in Bath which has stunning views down into the valley. As one of our favourite pubs, they have pub classics as well as some dishes with an international twist. For one of our previous reviews, click here (which has more pictures of the venue itself).

Unlike our last visit which was a warm summers evening, this was very rainy haha - the joys of living in the UK! We decided to start with some wine and nibbles...

For the wine, we went for Yealands Estate Sauvignon Blanc from Marlborough, NZ. New Zealand sauvignon blanc is my absolute favourite (it tastes so so different to its French counterpart) and this one was no exception [£7.25 for 175ml]

Nocellara olives ✨ [£4.50]

Marinated in garlic, these were plump, juicy & delicious! 

Bread board with black olive tapenade, red pepper whipped feta, olive oil & balsamic 🍞 [£7.50]

There was a nice selection of Warmley Bakehouse fresh breads. The olive tapenade and the red pepper whipped feta were both delicious and bursting with flavour, however the olive oil was so disappointing once again. Whatever they use, it barely has any flavour (it was like this last time too). Please change this, it would make the whole bread board much better.

Moving onto mains...

Ancient grain salad (quinoa, freekeh, tender stem broccoli, avocado, kale leaves, chilli, lime dressing) 🌿 [£12.50]

So incredibly delicious! The tender stem broccoli was nicely cooked, the avocado added a lovely creaminess and the chilli added a kick. The dressing was so delicious that I asked for some more & the quinoa made it really substantial. A healthy, delicious & filling option! 

Beef burger (6oz with Monterey Jack cheese, house sauce & fries) 🍔  [£14.50]

A juicy burger with a nice brioche bun. The fries were good but the portion was a bit stingy? We’ve visited before and they used to give you a lot more.

Skinny fries 🍟 [£3.50]

Crispy, crunchy & hot. Nicely salted and so moreish. 

💰 ££ - (*Paying Customer)