Lunch at JUNO, Bath

JUNO is a super chilled and unique spot in Bath, filled with lots of pool tables, TVs with sporting events, skateboards on the walls and more. In terms of food, they serve a range of pizzas, burgers, sandwiches and sides along with a super extensive drinks menu. As an independent, all of the pizza dough is made fresh in house every day and the meat is sourced from local butchers.

We started with a classic and a raspberry mojito. The classic one came with a generous amount of mint and was very nice. The raspberry one was deliciously sweet & dangerously easy to drink!

The Hallouminati Burger (6oz patty, grilled halloumi, red onion marmalade, mixed salad leaves, toasted brioche with skin-on fries with cajun seasoning) 🍔 [£11]

This burger was really good & our favourite. The saltiness of the halloumi complemented the sweetness of the red onion marmalade & the patty was thick & well cooked (you can ask for the patty to be more or less well done). The chips were incredible: crispy yet extremely fluffy & the cajun seasoning was delicious. We would order a burger again purely for the fries.

Rocketman (prosciutto & shaved parmesan, finished with rocket & balsamic glaze) 🍕 [£12]

The prosciutto and the rocket added so much flavour and mixed well with the balsamic glaze and we loved the shaved parmesan - always a game-changer on pizza! Try it next time.

BBQ Jackfruit (vegan - jackfruit cooked BBQ sauce with peppers, herbs, more BBQ sauce & vegan cheese) 🍕 [£11]

The jackfruit tastes nice, pairs well with the BBQ sauce & the texture is similar to pineapple (as we know, though controversial, it's a popular pizza topping). It was a nice plant-based option & the vegan cheese wasn’t plasticky. Although the description makes it sound like there's way too much BBQ sauce, it was actually a good amount and wasn't overdone. 

As a side note, all of their veggie pizzas can be turned vegan just by asking to substitute vegan cheese (or no cheese at all). They're really flexible about this! 

We then got another round of drinks, this time going for an Old Fashioned which was our favourite. It was so well-balanced, like alcoholic nectar. The Pornstar Martini was okay - nothing to write home about & had a quite strong juice flavour?

Sweet Potato fries 🍠 [£3.80]

These were cooked perfectly with a crunch but still soft in the middle. They come with either salt or BBQ cajun seasoning (we went for the cajun one which was delicious & combined really well with the sweetness of the potatoes). The fries also came with their homemade BBQ sauces - a BBQ sauce and a BBQ mayo. The BBQ one was slightly too acidic for us (kind of like the Nando's one?) but we loved their BBQ Mayo sauce which was delicious and went really well not only with the chips but also with the pizza crust (Italians don't kill us). Great for sharing!

Tuna Mayo Crunch Sub (white sub roll, tuna, mayo, sweetcorn, red onion & mixed salad leaves with fries) 🥪 [£4.50]

This had generous amounts of tuna mayo and the red onion added lots of flavour. It’s a great lunch option and amazing value for money! It was HUGE! And of course, came with their delicious fries. This is available Mon-Fri 12-5pm. 

After lunch we tried a couple of their beers - they have HUGE selection which is really impressive, but our favourite was probably the Brewdog Hazy Jane IPA which was fruity and hoppy. Their Juno Sesh beer (their own one) was a smooth crisp beer which was quite nice. 

Overall we think JUNO is a fab place to grab a beer, some food & to hang out! As we mentioned, it's a super unique place in Bath and the staff are very friendly too. 

💰 £-££ - Great value! Check out their deals.

Disclaimer: PR invite - complimentary experience.