Pastries from Thoughtful Bakery, Bath

Thoughtful Bakery is a lovely independent bakery in the heart of Bath. When I lived near Kingsmead Square my flatmates and I used to always get our bread from here as it’s so delicious. They do a range of different breads, pastries and lunches as well as pantry items, drinks etc. They also do fantastic doughnuts in unique & wonderful flavours every Thursday. 

You can go to the bakery as usual, click and collect (£5 minimum spend) or get their goods delivered to you (£10 minimum spend, £5 delivery charge). On this rainy morning, I decided to just brave the weather and head out in search of pastries (they really are that good). 

Strawberry & pistachio danish πŸ“ [£2.80]

A delicious, flaky pastry with a soft and slightly sweetened vanilla crΓ¨me patisserie, crunchy pistachios and fresh chopped strawberry. A nice, light pastry. 

Peanut butter & jelly cruffin ✨  [£3.80]

A cruffin is a croissant x muffin (basically croissant dough baked in a muffin mould) and this was filled with a delicious, classic combo. The sweetness of the berry jam was contrasted perfectly with the saltiness of the peanut butter. It wasn’t too sweet at all so is perfect for breakfast or an afternoon pick-me-up. It’s just a little expensive? Probably because cruffins are hyped up right now.

Croissant πŸ₯ [£1.85]

A delicious classic. Flaky and buttery. 

Cinnamon bun ✨ [£2.10]

This was nice but really doughy with less cinnamon than I would’ve liked (but then again, I’m a cinnamon lover). 

Chocolate & orange bun 🍊 [£2.10]

This was filled with chocolate orange buttercream and extra chocolate drops. It was yummy, however once again the flavour wasn’t that strong. 

Definitely head to Thoughtful Bakery if you like pastries & other delicious treats. Or you can order online here. Enjoy!

πŸ’° £ (*Paying Customer)