Brunch at Turtle Bay, Bath

Known for their incredible 2-4-1 cocktails during all-day happy hour, Turtle Bay is unsurprisingly very popular with students. The Caribbean-music adds to the fun, holiday vibe, as does the colourful setting & the large square bar in the centre of the restaurant. 

They have an all-new brunch menu which includes a bottomless brunch option. There's even a 2 for 1 on brunch from 10-11am making it £7.50 for two people which is an unbeatable deal. 

We decided to go for some of their veggie options.

Avocado smash with poached eggs (smashed avocado, grilled roti, roasted tomato, chilli & chives) (v) 🥑 [£7.50]

The portions are generous, especially when it came to the avocado which we love to see. The roti was very light & worked nicely. We personally found the poached eggs felt a little out of place & too heavy for this dish, & would try it with the mushrooms next time instead. However, the curried chickpeas we ordered as a side paired perfectly with this combination

Big Vegan Grill Down (roasted mushroom, curried chickpeas, roasted tomato, smashed avocado, sweet plantain & grilled roti) (ve) ✨ [£7.50]

This was fab! The mushroom was big, the curried chickpeas were so flavourful & the smashed avocado was fresh & tangy (I think they put onion in it). The sweet plantain was a nice, different addition which was almost like caramelised bananas.

Curried chickpeas (ve) [£3.20]

We would absolutely recommend getting these because they are so flavoursome, filling & particular to Turtle Bay. A great alternative to baked beans which we will absolutely be ordering again. After seeing them in the big vegan grill down, we had to order another portion. 

Sweet potato fries (ve) 🍟 [£3.20]

Nice, crispy & a good portion. 

Fresh mint tea (ve) ☕️ [£2.20]

Being a Caribbean-inspired restaurant, the food at Turtle Bay is quite unique & the breakfast doesn't differ. We found it refreshing to see original twists on the perhaps 'overdone' breakfast items we are now all very familiar with. 


Our server, Ben, was extremely friendly, personable & helpful! Although the venue now looks a little tired, it’s perfect if you want a great deal!

💰 £ (EXCELLENT value with 2 for 1)
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